Freebie Find: Photo Templates

I haven’t used on in a while, but I photo templates for blogs are wonderful things. Here’s a set from the newest addition to my RSS Reader – Pugly Pixel:


The Photo Templates come with Fabric (texture) labels too. I look forward to using them on the blogs. SmileDownload them here. (Photo credit goes to blog owner)


So today is another lazy day. It’s middle of the week but I was off work last night. Why? I was at The Cranberries concert! I absolutely love their songs, love the band. Sitting at our Upper Box seas at the Araneta sent me through a trip back to my highschool days when I first heard those songs. Dreams and Linger were the first two songs for the night and they are my favorites!

Alfred couldn’t get time off work (I was pretty bummed about that) but my cousin Nikki kept me company. We were almost late because I slept until 7PM (left work at past 1PM), but we made it to Araneta by 8PM. There was no front act performer, it was straight to the main show. Don’t remember what time it actually started, probably around 830PM. We didn’t mind the wait.

After the party, we stopped by the table where they were selling CDs. I got me their all-hits CD as well as their new album, Roses. Can’t wait to get those loaded on my iPhone. Listening to them with these Sennheiser CX400 in-ear earphones would be great, yah? Too bad I don’t have those. Very tempted to get them on sale from Yugadeals.

I Instagrammed photos straight to The Newbie Photographer, not much but something to check out.  Smile I tried to send them real-time but 3G signal wasn’t good for me at the coliseum, so those were sent after the show.

We arrived home around 1AM. I dozed off on the sofa and maybe an hour later got the beginnings of a nasty headache. In the morning it was full blown. I threw up all the contents of my stomach without even getting any breakfast in. Sad smileI only started to feel like myself again at lunch time. So yeah, wasted a day.

Also wanted to share that I got a new case for my iPhone over the weekend. One that lets me carry my security badge too. It looks like this, but mine is in a darker, old-rose. Click the photo to buy one for yourself.

iphone4 cardcase