Hello, April!

March was a busy month.

28 posts across three blogs:

Where the Moon Shines – March 2012

Between the Covers – March 2012

The  {Newbie} Photographer – March 2012

Not bad. I feel like there could have been more.

For my Comments challenge I left a total of 114 comments all over various blogs. That’s 114% to goal and also 48 comments more than February. So for April, I’ll aim for 115 comments. Just because. Smile

1 incomplete week spread for Project Life. I could do more there, and yes I will.

1 spontaneous road trip. And looking forward to more.

2 books read.

Lots of fun in the water for our dear Amir.

An average of 5 training sessions held per week in the past 3 weeks. With more to be done before this month ends.

Transitioning to a brand new team. Now that’s ongoing. And a lot of fun too.

Busy busy March, paving the way for an Amazing April!

This new month, it’s time to step beyond the stanchions holding the velvet rope, and seize the limelight! It is time I take more control of what happens to my life, instead of waiting around to see what would. Time to enable others to do the same.

Hello, April! Bring it on!