We went on an impromptu road trip on Sunday. Nothing too grand, just a quick drive up to Tagaytay City and back. This was our map:

Photo Mar 27, 7 21 41 PM

It was the first time I drove that far and without a guide. Fun!

Everything still looked familiar, and yet new, all at the same time. Funny how they were familiar sights, but I’ve not been to many of those happening spots around the City. And on this trip we again went to an old familiar place for their famous Bulalo, and spectacular view: Leslie’s.

The view, captured through my camera phone:


It was a nice and windy afternoon, with scattered rainshowers. I wasn’t too worried about the rain spoiling our day. Come to think of it, I didn’t bother checking the weather forecast. I probably would have if we actually planned the trip.

Yep. This was an impromptu roadtrip. We were supposed to just go see a movie when I suggested a driving adventure instead. Alfred took me up for it, surprisingly. Smile Imagine, we’d been together 12 years and this was the first time we went to Tagaytay together. Haha!

Alfred toted Deena around and snapped some photos too. I haven’t looked at them yet. Here’s another one framed with my phone:

tagaytay leslies

I wish we had used that hut! What an amazing spot, no? I thought you had to pay extra to use it but as it turns out, you just have to request for it at the front desk. Maranaw 16, I think. Next time, we’ll try to eat bulalo from this spot. And maybe have a drink or two (not for me, I’m driving). Or doze off even? Haha!

But the next time we drive up, we probably won’t be eating at Leslie’s or at least we’ll try not to. There are so many other good places there that deserve to be tried at least once, so I hear. Or we’ll take our own baon and have a picnic at the park. Someday. One day. Smile

Oh and checkout this photo of us, from this trip too. Smile

Love is a Battlefield

Today is video day on Where the Moon Shines. Yes it is.  Smile

First up is a Pat Benatar video from the ‘80s, Love is a Battlefield. The movie 13 Going on 30 was on cable again this afternoon and I watched it, again. I also watched it last week when they showed it. I couldn’t NOT see it. Haha!


This song was a theme song for Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner). She and her 13-year old friends sang and danced to this video during their slumber party. It was seen on this scene here:


image source: Hollywood Jesus

I realize that the movie probably isn’t for everybody, but I honestly liked it. I’m a nice person, see. Smile

Now the second video for today is actually an Ikea vid I saw from Patty Laurel’s blog. It shows many options for maximizing small space. I need this. We need this!


Amazing isn’t it? But I must admit, it takes a lot of creativity to achieve this. I wouldn’t have thought of all those possible configurations on my own. And I doubt if I could still recreate it without the aid of a professional. Ugh. We need a room makeover. Or if we eventually move to our unit besides my brother at San Benissa, we definitely could make improvements there. This is definitely an inspiration. Smile

Seen any good videos lately? Link me up! Smile


We’re running a TL Development Training series at work and I’ve been attending additional classes this week that I will later on run. It’s such a nice break from all the work we’ve had to do all these months and being in training does a pretty awesome job of knocking some sense into my head on why I got into this job in the first place.

Anyway, the trainer showed us this video on Teamwork and I felt like I really wanted to share it. Cool video. Such a good and fun way to relate the message too.



Hope you liked it Smile

Deal Grocer Alert: Louis Phillip Kee Salon


Checkout this great deal over at Deal Grocer, PhP600 pesos worth of haircut services for only PhP 345!


Louis Phillip Kee Salon recently opened its branch at the Bohol Mansion, Sgt. Esguerra, in the vicinity of the ABS-CBN studios. I’d never think of simply walking into such a posh salon for fear of having to burn a hole in my wallet, but thanks to Deal Grocer, soon I will!

Deal Grocer Louis Phillip Kee Salon

With an estimated savings of 255 pesos off the original price for a woman’s haircut, it was already a great deal. However, since I paid via Paypal, at current exchange rates, I only paid 330 pesos. Smile What makes it even a better deal for me is that I’m using blogging money for a much-needed trip to the salon, so it’s not coming off my savings. Sweet!

I have not had a haircut since September 2010. Yes, it has been that long. My excuse was severe hair-fall due to hormonal problems. Well maybe they’ll be able to give me hair care tips at the salon when I visit. One of my favorite bloggers, Frances at Topaz Horizon, is a regular of Louis Phillip Kee Salon but at another branch. She’s mentioned them a few times on her blog and I’ve always wondered about checking them out, soon I will! Smile

Cupcakes To Go

I’ve been hearing so much about the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. I wondered how they could make it happen and didn’t think about boxes. Seeing it in action (no, not experiencing it), it makes perfect sense – how it’s done I mean. 24-hour cupcakes makes total sense of course. Duh. haha Smile 


Nice. Smile


As I drove home alone this morning, I was thinking about a blog post to vent on things that upset me today. But I realized that I had already had my chance to express that (thanks, Ric, though you are not likely to see this) and maybe it won’t do me any good to keep dwelling on it. After all, you are not the sum of your mistakes even when that’s what some people choose to remember. It’s a challenge for all of us, to minimize mistakes and always strive to be better. So I’m choosing to be better instead. Besides, I need not change my disposition about anyone because of this, but I doubt if they can still be the same towards me – and that’s their challenge not mine.

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