From My Reader: Business Opportunities Weblog

Here’s one more blog whose feeds I receive via email – The Business Opportunities Weblog.


The blog features stories of small businesses and good ideas. Some of the stories are really quite inspiring. I’ve found myself clicking through to read the full story, and even to checkout the websites of the businesses themselves. I have hopes of finding what service I can provide to the world, and venture into my own business. I just don’t know what it is yet. This blog that shows me others who have found their niche and built their own empires can be truly inspiring.

Yesterday, one of the stories I particularly clicked through, is that of Swimmable Mermaid Tails:

mermaid tails

Pretty aren’t they? With these custom-made mermaid tales, any girl’s mermaid dream can come true. It’s not just a costume for show, they can actually swim in it. I don’t think this Etsy business has any competition. Photo is from Etsy.

So the blog features business such as this one, and lots more. Though I haven’t seen them feature this business yet, but this credit card for teens sounds like something I’d expect to see on their pages. Smile They also post trivia via their “Today in Entrepreneurial History” posts.


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