101 in 1001

Today I am happy to embark on this challenge of accomplishing 101 set goals in 1001 days. Today is Day Zero. Or today is Day 1001. Haha. Whatever. Be sure to read that post to understand what this challenge is all about.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Update – 4.19.2018 – crossing out tasks I already accomplished. I have a follow up post here

  1. Start and finish the online HomeEc (Sewing) class I signed up for months and months ago.
  2. Relaunch my baking and pastry home business.
  3. Redesign and declutter my blog.2015
  4. Organize our photographs
  5. Organize my digital supplies
  6. Project Life Wedding guestbook, 30 Days of Thankful, Pinto Art Museum mini-book 
  7. Have a monthly backup day – online and offline
  8. Edit my closetDone in previous years, but needs to be done again. 
  9. Finish my TBR pile (this will be a big challenge as it continues to grow) Probably NEVER gonna happen!
  10. Edit my book collection
  11. Build an emergency fund
  12. Connect with friends regularly (set a date with a friend/s each month)
  13. Make breakfast for the family
  14. Cook dinner for the family
  15. Declutter my Pinterest
  16. Organize the bedroom
  17. Get our bedframe replaced or repaired
  18. Setup a creative space at home
  19. Setup the book swap website
  20. Close one (or two) of my credit cards
  21. Put in at least 2.5 hours of exercise time each week (beginning next week), and maybe increase it after a few weeks
  22. Get a regular massage (frequency to be decided later on)
  23. Have a once a week shake or fruit juice only day. I had my daily green smoothies 2013-2014
  24. Make time for getaways, no matter how simple, near, or far (once every 3 months?)So maybe we’re not doing it quarterly, but we are definitely taking time off for vacations now.
  25. Setup Analog days (how often?)
  26. Cultivate my love for photography (determine how and execute it)
  27. 1 full week of getting to work early (versus not late)
  28. Then two weeks
  29. Then a full month!
  30. Go to two places I’ve never been to before. Jose Panganiban, Cam Norte in 2014, Coron, Palawan in 2015
  31. Travel to another countryThailand 2017, Taiwan 2018
  32. Edit my Reader
  33. Sign up and attend a class/es (could be culinary or baking school, or even a make-up class!) Haha not those classes, but I did a Basic Knitting Class, Amigurumi, and a virtual assistant/work from home Class.
  34. Grow my portfolio
  35. Do a monthly review blog or layout
  36. Create my dream board 2016
  37. Take my car to the carwash every Monday
  38. Organize our living space (this will take a lot of planning)
  39. Send happy holiday cards every Christmas I participated in the Trollbeads Christmas Cards exchange for two years, maybe 2012 and 2013?
  40. Organize a vacation for the whole family Las Casas 2013
  41. Do something to help cultivate Alfred’s photography hobby/business
  42. Draw up a financial plan
  43. Make the wedding happen 12-13-14
  44. Watch at least one theater play/musical per year
  45. Have a no-spend month.
  46. Do a baking challenge (determine what the challenge is and execute it)
  47. Get involved at Church (determine how, at what level, and do it)
  48. Cleanout our pantry
  49. Reorganize our kitchen
  50. Make a ‘baon’ plan and execute it!
  51. Make green smoothies and healthy smoothies a part of my day
  52. Make a quilt
  53. Participate in Ali’s Week in The Life, or make my own
  54. Determine an exciting or busy time in our life and do a mini book on it
  55. Find a cable for the GF1 Lumix
  56. Make a career move (up or out)

Okay. So I only have 56 goals so far. Nonetheless, today is Day Zero. Smile