New from Human Nature: Powder Fresh Deo

Among the new products launched by Human Heart Nature in September 2012 is a Powder Fresh Scent of its 100% Natural Deo – now with better, longer protection that lasts all day!

human nature powder fresh

Just like the classic deos (I used the Pink Blossom before), this is still 100% fee from harmful chemicals. It is formulated to better keep up with an active lifestyle.

I am ordering this and looking forward to sticking to it. I used the Pink Blossom variant for awhile (went through 2 bottles) but it didn’t give me the 24-hour protection I needed. Meaning, that at some point towards the end of the day, I got to be a bit smelly if I sweated a lot. I didn’t get embarrassed by it or anything, it wasn’t too bad. This happened during summer too so that probably explains why. It was still enough to make me switch back to a commercial brand (Dove) but I will be giving this a try now that there’s a new formulation.

My Mom’s been using the Aloe Fresh scent until now, and she hasn’t complained about it. I guess our bodies respond differently to these products, specially since they are all natural.

Contact me for Human Heart Nature orders. I might throw in free shipping if you order >500 pesos worth of products. Smile

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