Scrappers Give Thanks


I am subscribed to the Simple Scrapper newsletter, and today the message was about Scrappers Give Thanks. Here’s some information from their website:

Scrappers Give Thanks is a charitable project of the online scrapbooking community taking place annually around Thanksgiving. It is organized by Jennifer S. Wilson of Simple Scrapper.

2012 Project

This year’s project celebrates our online community and all those who generously share their knowledge. Volunteers have created simple, how-to tutorials on specific memory keeping activities. These tutorials will be sold as a choose-your-own-price bundle from Thanksgiving until Christmas, with all proceeds* going to the American Heart Association, in memory of digital designer Eva Kipler. Click here to see the full charity voting results.

* Every dollar raised will be donated. Create More Media will cover the web hosting, shopping cart software and PayPal fees.

The tutorials look awesome. They have been made with love by volunteers from the (digi)scrapbooking community. What’s best is that you choose how much you want to donate. You can donate as little as $5 dollars and you’ll gain access to 14 tutorials. Or you can give more. The tutorials are most certainly worth more than that. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving. Let’s Give. Smile