The Ely Buendia Experience

Back in October a friend from work tagged me on a poster for Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits, Live! Almost immediately, without even considering that I worked Saturdays, I said yes to going.

The closet fan did not join me on Saturday night, and it wasn’t a big deal because it was all about Ely and me. Haha! I just about tuned out everyone else and concentrated on my idol.

We had good seats, even if it was the very back row of Patron C. It meant we could stand up and dance all we want and not worry about bothering anyone behind us. The only downside is that my camera had no zoom lens. Even not being able to take fab photos didn’t bother me so much, I was there for the music. Smile

The show lasted a little over an hour, short if compared to other concerts, and even bar gigs. It was like going to a music bar and listening to just one set. But it was a good show and I really enjoyed it. There were no interruptions, no special guests, no technical difficulties. Just Ely’s voice supported by the band and the orchestra. All Ely, all the way.

It was only my second time at the Music Museum and first in those seats. Love the idea of being able to order in food and drinks and having a place to put them on during the show. We didn’t order anything in though, the prices were jacked up too high! 98 pesos for Coke in can? Seriously? Haha.

Our after show photo – Aisa’s friend, Aisa, Janel, Bee and me! Ric was taking the photo.


Here are photos taken by Janel during the show:





Janel took videos too, and you can look them up at his Youtube channel –

Here’s the vid of the first song, Alapaap:


The last song for the evening, Ang Huling El Bimbo:


One of my favorites, ever: Ligaya!

Watch the other videos in Youtube, via Qritiko’s channel.