Gift Shopping List

Who is done with their Christmas shopping?

How did you ever manage to do it so early?

So far, at 17 days before Christmas, I’ve only crossed six people off my list. I purchased the gifts for these six friends online. I first saw the gift and felt that it was perfect for my friends. When they were delivered, they came all together in this beautiful box:

Photo Dec 08, 3 50 52 PM

I will have to make them their own little bags for gifting. I’m excited for that too.

Last year the first set of people I got gifts for were my TLs. This year, I still have no idea what to get them. The boyfriend has hinted on wanting another G-shock, but I’m thinking of deviating from our practice and surprise him with something else instead. With what with exactly, I still don’t know.

It’s not like I can get him, my brother, or dad, a cigar humidor each. The boyfriend needs to stop smoking, my brother is now on e-cigarettes, and my Dad hasn’t smoked in a long time.

And what about Mom? Or our growing boy Amir? Hmmm. This is a very conservative list and already I don’t know how to complete my gifting! Hehe Smile