November 2012

Not to dampen the Holiday spirit permeating the air right now, but I need to take a moment to breathe and just let out. I just feel a bit frustrated right now. Every once in a while it happens, I fall into a kind of funk. This time just wasn’t expected. Instead, I expected to be revved up and eager to go back to work after a week and a half of resting. I guess things don’t turn out exactly how we envision it, not all the time.

So to lift my spirits up, let’s just go ahead and crunch some bloggy numbers shall we?

For the month of November, Verabear.Net received:

  • 2,296 page loads
  • 1,667 unique visits

As for Between the Covers:

  • 2,143 page views

I guess it’s not a lot, and only a fraction of these visit really make their mark (by leaving comments), but it reminds me that though some people we have in our lives may let us down, there are still a few more out there interested in the little spark of light we bring to this world. There are friends waiting out there to be found and made, they are there. Oh, and thank you, dear friends who take time out of their busy lives for me. Smile

A few more things to be thankful for – November edition:

And, what do you know, I posted my first OOTD (outfit of the day) on Instagram, hah! Some of you would remember me posting about my bucket bag and my blue moonwalk shoes, here they are:


So. Thank you, Universe. I had a good month and December can only be better. Smile

How was your November? What are you looking forward to in December?