Blog Lovin

I was a latecomer to Google Reader, having only discovered it in 2011. Since I started using it though, it’s become integral to my online life. So I felt sad, and worried, when I read the announcement that Google Reader is powering down.

But it will be around until July 1 so I wasn’t in any hurry to find an alternative. I also haven’t been online off-work much in the past two weeks so there really hasn’t been time to look.

Today, I signed up for Blog Lovin and surfing through my favorite blogs again. Reading is easy, and the BlogLovin frame works just like having the Next button from GR on my Chrome bar. I wonder though if subscribing to new blogs would prove just as easy.

Anyhoo. My back pain is escalating again since Friday. So I won’t stay in front of the computer for long. I went to the doctor this morning, but therapy’s only open for in-patient folks for this Holy Week, so the earliest treatment for me will be Monday. Ugh. Just another reason why I miss St. Luke’s. Sad smile


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