Google Reader

We cleaned up the PC because our 500GB hard drive was almost full. We got a new 1.5TB EHD (at almost half the cost of the 500GB EHD we bought years ago) and transferred all files we wanted to keep before re-formatting the old harddrive.

I got all my files and downloads transferred over – all photos are secure. Everything was ready. The boyfriend went ahead and cleaned up. The entire process of reformatting and reinstalling the OS was faster than previous times we’ve done it. There was almost no downtime.

Last night I sat in front of the PC and downloaded Google Chrome – my browser of choice. That’s when it hit me – I did not backup my bookmarks. This happened to me before and I was pretty sure I did some backup at some point, didn’t I? I logged on to my Google account but there was nothing in Bookmarks. Seriously?

So I set out to build up my link list but then I figured I’d just as well set them up in Google Reader as most of the sites I want to keep up with are actually blogs. Here’s an old video introducing Google Reader:


I’d never been an RSS reader fan – it took the fun away from blog hopping and I loved doing that. I tried using the RSS reader on the Windows Live Toolbar a long long time ago, but it just wouldn’t stick. It was no fun.

Thanks to this tutorial on I Heart Faces though, I can blog hop with the aid of Reader, without missing out on the personality of the blogs I visit. Smile What’s more, I don’t have to visit each one just to find out which ones are updated, I just hit Next on my Bookmarks bar and I’m on the next unread item on my list! Coolness!

I do receive blog feeds on my email, but sometimes I feel like it just adds clutter to my Inbox. So I might stop subscribing to feeds via email altogether.

How about you, how do you keep up with your favorite blogs?