Mary Lambert

At work we always have music playing. All day long. The only time it isn’t playing is when there’s a problem with the computer or PA system.

It was a Sunday, I was so amused because we were tuned in to SiriusXM Love and the tunes were from the 80s and the 90s. It was the ultimate throwback. Lol.

It’s always more fun to work while grooving to music you like, and to the chagrin of my seatmates, I sing along to the music a lot.  SmileIt is especially fun when you hear a song you liked from somewhere aired over the radio for the first time – like hearing Same Love over SiriusXM. It’s not like Same Love was my favorite song, and no I don’t play it on YouTube over and over, day after day. But after the first time I heard it, the melody, and the message, got stuck in my head. I knew I actually loved it when I found myself singing along with Mary – She keeps me waaaarm…

The beautiful and talented Mary Lambert sings the chorus to this love song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If I wasn’t browsing through old posts on Cathy Zielske’s blog, I would have missed her post featuring Mary Lambert.

She Keeps Me Warm

Last month, Mary Lambert released her music video She Keeps Me Warm. One can say it’s a spin off Same Love. But it could also be a love song intertwined with another one.

What a wonderful wonderful song. And that voice! I can listen to her the whole weekend and feel relaxed and ready for Monday. You know what I mean? Smile

I’ve bookmarked her EP on iTunes (Letters Don’t Talk) because I’m definitely buying that along with She Keeps Me Warm as soon as I let myself use my credit card again. Maybe sooner, lol!

Her EP includes her spoken word performance on Body Love. Girls of all shapes and sizes should listen to her.

If only I could have a fraction of her talent. She’s is just so amazing! Smile