October, Be Super!


October’s here so let’s see how much of my September list’s been crossed out, shall we?


  • Weekly 1-1s with my direct reports xxx
  • Weekly Recognition Day for my business unit (I did three, and missed two for August) xxx
  • Meet scorecard goal
  • Start a regular education/personal development session with my team


  • Edit book collection/audit TBR pile. Will not go to the NBS sale or the MIBF without first doing this.
  • Budget, budget. Budget! xxx
  • Finish my Ripple Blanket and start another crochet/knit project xxx
  • Continue reading
  • Write more
  • Map out home organization project
  • Go to Corregidor
  • Sleep minimum 5 hours xxx
  • Get 15 minutes of daily exercise done
  • Have a 3-day juice fast
  • Get two facials done


Ugh. This is embarrassing. It looks like I actually didn’t get to do so much doesn’t it? Some of the few items crossed out even happened just this week, the early days of October. Oh well.

So I’m keeping the same list this month. Except I’ll be starting a new craft project, this time I’ll be knitting instead of crocheting. Also, instead of the Corregidor trip, we'll go with the family to Bataan in 2 weeks' time.

What about you, do you have your goals listed for October?


*Credits for the Photo (source)

*The strike through isn't showing so I added xxx's on the ones that should be crossed out.