Lazada Shopping: Insect Killer

After a wonderful Zalora experience last week, here I am sharing yet another online shopping experience. This time, with Lazada.

We have mosquitoes around the house and the boyfriend has been on the lookout for a mosquito solution like the one we used to have – the kind that looks like a lamp but actually fries insects that come into contact with the high-voltage grid. We had a small, cheap version. It was good while it lasted.

I finally found an affordable replacement from a relatively reliable brand – the American Heritage Insect Killer. After gaining approval from the whole household, I ordered it from Lazada on Saturday, 3/22.



I chose Cash on Delivery as my payment method to avoid using a credit card. Having COD is definitely one of the things I like about shopping with Lazada.

The order confirmation said that it may take upto 5 days for the delivery. Much to my surprise though (the happy kind), shipping confirmation was sent to my email  on that very afternoon.

Early on Sunday morning, I receive another happy news: the delivery team was on its way. They were at our doorstep within 20 minutes of notification. Talk about efficiency!

This was my second shopping experience with Lazada and I am a satisfied customer. As for the American Heritage Insect Killer, well, the sound of mosquito flying into the trap is a welcome background noise. Check it out on the link, and you can still get 10% off the listed price if you use a MasterCard to pay. Happy Shopping!