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Varekai & Incubus

These are two foreign acts coming to Manila in July. We want to see both. Since Alfred heard about Incubus’ coming here, he’s asked me to go. Since I noticed the Facebook ad for Varekai, I’ve wanted to go. It sucks that both costs a lot, and are happening in the same month.

Do you set aside a specific amount of money for entertainment each month? It’s just that we’ve been to the movies three times in three weeks, and all trips involved eating out as well. There have been dine outs in between too. It’s become really expensive.

I’m planning on a No Resto Week. I won’t eat in restaurants this week. If I have work, I’ll eat in the pantry or bring food. When we get home, it’s either home cooked or my Dad provides it. Or we’ll buy ulam from a carinderia. If my colleagues invite me to eat out (specially since it’s payday week), maybe I can convince them to pay for my meal, haha!

The money I’ll save will probably be able to pay for the cheapest ticket to Varekai for one person. I hear steiner binoculars won’t be necessary even with the lowest priced seat – the venue is intimate enough that everyone has a good view of the performers. Cool!

Alfred isn’t too sure about Incubus anymore, so that’s one expense we won’t have to shell out for. Smile

Why do I want to see Varekai so badly? It isn’t just the hype, nor is it because all the IT crowd go to see it. I’ve always wanted to see the greatest show on earth, and Cirque du Soleil promises that. I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, seeing them perform is definitely going to be on it. A trip to Vegas isn’t in my near future, so them coming to the Philippines is a chance I just do not want to pass up.


Career Choices

Back when I was a senior in high school, there were supposed to be career talks to help us decide what course to take for college. I looked forward to that, but I don’t think it happened for our batch. I sure wish it did.


Growing up I had many dreams. At some point I wanted to be an architect, then an interior designer. I remember a friend wanting to be a fashion designer. I think there is a phase in every little girl’s life when she pictures herself in medical uniform. But I don’t remember going through that phase. I grew up a stone’s throw away from St. Luke’s Medical Center and have family and neighbors who have become nurses and nursing aides, but the nurses scrub pants (no matter how colorful they’ve become in recent decades) just never appealed to me (except those worn by this male nurse I crushed on for a time).

Over the years as I became more exposed to social issues, legal thrillers, and as lawyer TV shows aired one after the other, I zoned in on the one thing I wanted to be – a lawyer.

That career choice was the reason I took up BA Psychology in UP. A few years later though, I gave up on that dream. I didn’t need to be a lawyer to “right” wrongs. I didn’t have to be a lawyer to keep on helping the kids and NGOs I worked with. And I didn’t like all the readings law students had to go through. Smile

So I started off on my adult life as an NGO worker. Now, I’m an operations manager at a BPO. Things couldn’t have been more different than where the younger me imagined I’d be. Though I am serious at my job and current career, I still dream of someday doing something else – becoming an entrepreneur. A successful home baker or pastry chef Smile

Or maybe becoming a teacher? Now, where did that come from?

Image lifted from this article, also about career choices.

Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things 2010

Who hasn’t been envious of Oprah’s audience on her annual reveal of her Favorite Things? I know I’ve been jealous of the luxurious freebies since the first time I saw one such episode on TV. This year’s list is even more amazing, what with it being the last season of The Oprah Show, that’s not a big surprise. You can head on over to Oprah.Com to check out the full list, but here are the ones I’d specifically LOVE to have from there:

Hope in a Jar -

I’ve heard of this product before, in fact I’ve read a lot of positive reviews for Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. And I keep checking back at the Beauty Bar if they have it marked down so I can finally get me a jar. It is a little too pricey for the average person, but I heard it said that it is all worth it. Maybe I’ll have my first jar next year. I am happy with the moisturizer I currently use (Myra E), but we all deserve a little pampering every once in a while and it wouldn’t hurt that it will make us look more presentable. If I do get a jar, I probably won’t use it daily anyway. 🙂

Le Creuset -

Oh this would be wonderful to have! The Pioneer Woman has had several giveaways featuring this brand of cookware. Now if only I actually cooked.

Miraclebody Jeans - Oprah.Com

They say these jeans will instantly make you 10lbs lighter, I want one! I want the skinny version, specially since my one and only skinny-looking pair has given up on him. The zip’s broken and I haven’t had time to take it in for repair.

Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings - Oprah.Com

I don’t own any diamonds and this would be a wonderful first pair, if ever I do get to own one. Very elegant, classy, and doesn’t scream – KIDNAP ME I’M WEARING DIAMONDS! 🙂

VW 2010 Beetle - Oprah.Com

We were once Beetle owners and so, this VW model will always have a soft spot in our hearts. But if the old Beetle was the people’s car, these modern ones have become too expensive for us common folks. The silhouette for the 2012 Beetle looks exciting, and looks more like the original version. The audience members are so lucky to be getting one for free!

Baker's Edge Baking Pan - Oprah.Com

No more worrying about getting the perfect edge for each individual brownie!

Netflix - Oprah.Com

How I wish this was available here. Is Apple TV available in the Philippines? If we had this, maybe it’ll keep us Pinoys off torrent sites that don’t respect Intellectual Property Rights.

Royal Carribean Allure of the Seas - Oprah.Com

I’ve never been on a cruise and would love to be on one. I wonder if the boyfriend would entertain an Asian cruise for honeymoon?

Sony Bravia 3d - Oprah.Com

As Oprah put it, it’s definitely a Wow-er.

Tory Burch Tote and Flats - Oprah.Com

Tory Burch flats, I’ve heard, are ultra comfortable. A pair of these would send me to heaven, and the tote would be a nice bonus.

It’s also wonderful that Oprah encouraged those who received her gifts this year, to also give. The DonorsChoose Gift Card from Bing.Com and the Kiva cards are precious!

DonorsChoose - Oprah.Com

Kiva Gift Card - Oprah.Com

Oh well, at least I do have two things from that list: the iPad, and the Scrabble app for iPad. Haha! 🙂

*All photos in this post are courtesy of Oprah.Com

Mayeen and Angelo, July 24, 2010

A very, very dear friend of mine tied the knot with the man who has taught her what true love really means. Mayeen and Angelo, then Psych batchmates, now husband and wife. 🙂 

lovely couple 

happy couple 

They weren’t together when we were still at the UP. In fact, Mayeen and I only shared one class with Gelo – Psych 180. We would sit very near the door, with the cool wind blowing through PHAn. I remember we’d talk a LOT, mostly Mayeen and myself, with Gelo occasionally joining in. Haha. 🙂 

The Officiating Celebrant at their wedding took the time to make his homily truly personal. He talked about the story of their love, and how it was all about waiting. Waiting several years after college before they finally became close as friends, a few months before they officially became a couple, a few more years before the proposal. And then there was the wait for the actual wedding day. 

I am super happy for Mayeen, someone I consider to be one of my very best friends. She has had her fair share of heartaches, but I believe it really was only Gelo whom she gave all her heart to. And though I don’t know Angelo all that much, I know he takes care of her and will continue to do so. 

The wedding was simply yet lovely. The reception was… wonderful. The food was great, and the company was awesome. We invited other N6 blockmates to sit with us at our table, but as it turned out, we should have been the ones to move to theirs, lol! Our table was so far to the back (granted, it was right next to the bar, and very near the food), but we felt left out in some parts of the program :(. There was pride though in knowing that we had the pleasure of being friends with both the bride and groom, haha. Among us too were the soloists from Church and at the reception, Carla and Pauie. 🙂 

I could see how close the couple were with both sides of their growing family. I think it was Angelo’s relatives who danced towards the end of the program. It was nice of them to really take time out to choreograph and practice!  That signalled the start of dancing too, at which point the ladies and I were ready to leave. 

We also made sure that Mayeen and Gelo got their money’s worth for the photo booth! 






Good thing too that this photo booth was available. By the time we were at the reception, my feet were in pain! I hadn’t broken in my new pair of high heeled shoes, so they easily brought me to such misery. Haha! 😉 I wasn’t on Paparazzi mode at the reception and took very few photos. It was a good thing that Alfred was with me at the Church and he did his photographer duties. He didn’t join us for the reception anymore, because he had shift very early the next day (3am) and needed to sleep. When I told him about the lechon and the bar though, he regretted leaving early. 😀 

This is the second church wedding in our small circle of friends. Mayeen is the third to get married. I think Pauie will sing at all our weddings, so she’s got at least four more wedding marches to sing to (five, if Raech ever decides to get married in a church). 🙂 I love these ladies! I miss them so, and I could get used to seeing them a lot, if only we really could. 🙂 It was fun seeing Maye, Lynne and Carla again too. Except for Maye, I hadn’t seen them since 2002! 

All the best wishes to the newlyweds! They’re flying to their honeymoon tonight, and I wish them a safe flight and a very happy trip. I know they aren’t planning to get pregnant anytime soon, but I do look forward to seeing Mayeen and Gelo with an Ergo baby carrier holding their little one (or two) in the next few years 🙂


Sometimes I watch a movie, read a book, or checkout a blog, then I think about what’s it like living somewhere else. I love the Philippines, and I can’t imagine ever calling any other place home. But the thought of the many possibilities and opportunities available overseas just makes we wonder.

I want to walk the streets of New York, and wander into quaint little shops. I’d love to get cozy in little bookshops and find beautiful books to read. I want to experience snow at least once in my life, and not die from the cold. Living somewhere else, if only temporary, I’d like to experience that. And then come back to the comfort of home.

Leaving the Philippines is far from my thoughts, it is visiting other countries that I would love to do. And I’m not talking about a week’s vacation somewhere okay, or a honeymoon type of travel like what I’d imagine one would get if they were given complimentary all inclusive cancun trip/package. It’s experiencing the culture, living there for maybe 4-6 months at a time.  Much like what Elizabeth Gilbert did in Eat, Pray, Love minus the soul-searching.

Of course I wouldn’t want to go anywhere without my beloved. I just hope he shares the same wide-eyed wonder and longing for these type of things (which is short for, I don’t think he’s into this).


Don’t forget the giveaway!

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