Project Natal

Have you heard of Project Natal? I went back to work yesterday and this was one of the buzz words I heard – though I didn’t pay attention. I went puttering about and tried to work, attended meetings, until the end of my shift.  Back home, I did my usual bloghopping and encountered Project Natal again.  I took time out to watch this video, and I was sold to Xbox’s newest innovation – Project Natal:


Back at work last night, while looking up some work-related information, I clicked on a link for information on E3 at and to no surprise there were videos there showcasing Project Natal.  If this video already sold me to the concept, the rest of the videos I watched at brought me over the top.

I don’t own a 360 but I’ve been tempted to get one before.  Good thing the boyfriend isn’t much of a console person.  But when he sees these videos, maybe he’ll be converted.

The Hunt for Gollum

I was browsing through the Entrecard and Adgitize networks this morning when I got a link to the free independent online movie, The Hunt for Gollum.  I just watched it tonight, and I’m sure LOTR fans (books and movies) would enjoy seeing it too. Here’s a trailer (which can also be viewed in HD):

If you have 40 minutes to spare though, you might want to watch the full movie. It is not made for profit so sharing it here is perfectly legal. According to the Hunt for Gollum website, the movie was made by enthusiast film makers who are all LOTR fans, and they made no profit by filming this project. I think it turned out well, and though you can’t help but think of Viggo Mortensen the whole time, the actor in this one didn’t do a bad job naman. 🙂

I have so many stories to share, starting with completing my Parks & Wildlife series and then moving on to our Baler vacation.  I’m lazy to do either.  In fact, I was too lazy to go malling today. Alfred’s out with his former team from NCO, having a blast at a resort somewhere in Montalban. As for me? I slept through the afternoon (though I didn’t intend to).

Anyhoo, you can watch the full HD movie, The Hunt for Gollum right after the jump (the screen’s too big for my blog layout, so pardon the misalignment:)


Suspended @ Twitter

I’ve been suspended at Twitter. Ugh. 

I don’t spam, I hardly even update there.  I did post a link yesterday but that was only for the post below, and there certainly is nothing malicious about the link is there?  Ohh, maybe it’s because an ad appears when you click on the ad first, before you get my actual page? Like this, check it out. 


I’ve been cooped up at home since visiting the office on Friday morning. It is just too hot to go outside.  I need to go to the mall though and pick up some stuff:

  1. Sunblock – I need this before we leave for Baler
  2. Lock and Lock for my camera storage.
  3. Maybe get that Crumpler bag I’ve been eyeing too…

I probably should have gone to church with my parents, but I’m way too lazy for even that. How embarrassing to admit. 

I was trying to overhaul my photoblog, but decided to try a real gallery. I didn’t like how it turned out though so I’m going back to the original idea of using WP as my platform.  I think I’ve found a way to make it work the way I want it. Fingers crossed! 🙂

I’ve also joined MyLot, even though I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be.  I’m still not done setting up my myLot User Profile so I haven’t really explored the rest of the service yet. Anyhoo… back to photo blog tweaking/gallery hunting…


I am no longer suspended. That was quick. I wonder what prompted it though?

Anyhoo… Bakerella shared this video of an awesome wedding photographer tandem. I want one for my weddding announcement/prenup!

Meet the Brockintons from ashley brockinton on Vimeo.

Juana Change

Last night through The Probe Team, I met Juana Change.  She embodies an advocacy calling for social renewal and political reform.  We will be electing a new president in May 2010, and Juana Change (May Paner in real life) and her friends seek to educate the Filipino electorate such that they may vote wisely for the next leaders of this great nation. 

On a more personal level though, she is also undergoing changes.  She seeks some reform in her own life.  She’ll be undergoing a politicized weightloss program in the next 360 or so days.  After all, she says, how can she call for change when she herself cannot let go of her excesses in life?

I would love to say that I want to join her in her journey to wellness.  But I don’t want to commit to something again when I am unprepared.  I will take little steps in this journey.  Next week, I will register to vote.  Then maybe, I’ll also be able to plan out my own path to a lower BMI.

Anyway, here’s one of Juana’s YouTube videos, visit their blog to learn more about their campaign, and see her other videos:

Tuesday, not my favorite day

Every week it’s all the same.  I wake up on a Tuesday morning and think about the many reasons why I don’t want to go to work.  Work isn’t until tonight, but my mind is filled with things I’d rather do than sleep in the afternoon to wake up in the evening and report for my first day at work for the week. Ugh. 

I am so tired of complaining. So tired of just going through the motions.  Yet every week (or is it everyday?), I complain.  Yet every week I also resolve to stop complaining, and to give my job my very best.  I do give my 98% to the job, but I still can’t help complaining about a regular job keeping my away from other things I’d rather do.  I know everyone has those kind of days, but for me it’s an everyday thing. A constant struggle.  And it’s just not healthy.

And today, Alfred isn’t around to cheer me up. He isn’t here to tell me why I should go to work.  Or, why I shouldn’t.  

Yesterday, while reading PS I Love You, I remembered something that Alfred said awhile back.  He doesn’t want to grow old.  He’s not afraid of getting old, he just doesn’t want to reach the stage where someone will have to take care of him full time.  He doesn’t want to grow old enough to be needing incontinence supplies, if you know what I mean.  


I saw an ad on the papers yesterday about a short course on baking in one of the culinary schools here.  I forgot to read up on it yesterday so I just did today.  My heart fell when I saw the tag price – 38000 pesos.  I don’t have that money and I don’t want to ask for a loan from my parents because I have an outstanding loan with my brother for the condo improvements.  A loan that I have currently no means to pay for.  Ugh.  I hope they schedule another batch for that class a few months from now.  Maybe by then I’d be able to put together some money.

Speaking of money…

I’ve noticed that money’s been tight for me lately.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the financial crunch that the whole world is experiencing.  At work, team managers receive an incentive based on their team performance and we look forward to this every month.  Since I moved accounts though, it’s like I’ve been robbed of that incentive.  With my former account, I always get it and it was more than enough to reward my top agents and cover the payment for my housing loan.  Now, it’s barely enough to buy treats for my team.  That sucks.  If I was still getting that incentive every month, I’d be so confident to ask my dad to loan me the money for the baking class and to promise to pay it back within the year.  But I don’t.

Okay, this has really turned out to be a very negative post so let me end with something different…

Earth Hour is happening again on March 28th, 8:30 PM local time.

I’ll make sure we do this at home.  And I’ll talk to my cousins and my grandpa so they’ll switch off their lights too.

I just don’t know how feasible this is going to be at work.  Our peak hours are at night, and I am not sure management will agree to switch off the main floor lights even for just an hour.  Our PC monitors will still be running anyway, and that generates enough light for me. Haha.


I also uploaded some pictures at DigitalMe, go check ’em out 🙂 I wonder when I’ll be able to catch up posting for my Project 365 at the rate I’m going. haha

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