One for the Font Addicts!

I was bloghopping and freebie hunting and came across this video from Beth Nixon:

I still haven’t found a way to organize the many fonts I’ve amassed. Haven’t even re-installed any of them since my PC was fixed. This video sure reminded me that I needed to work on that too.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Have you seen DrHorrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

It’s hilarious!

Go. Watch. Laugh.

Seriously. The people behind this are genius! Haha


I went back to watch Dr.Horrible one more time but found the videos to be gone! It seems like it’s now only available in iTunes. 🙁

This is what’s left:

Teaser from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

Yet another EDIT:

Okay, so read the master plan behind Dr.Horrible here. Amazing.


For my birthday present (actual birthday on the 22nd), Alfred is getting me DVDs of Lobo, a local TV series. He got me the first volume (4 hours worth) last week but I only started watching it on Wednesday. I’ve already seen some of it when it was shown on TV, but some of the scenes still move me. This series is definitely one of my favorites. Here’s a preview:

Because of my work schedule I was not able to watch the series regularly. Hence the DVDs.

I wonder if ABS-CBN will ever consider releasing older teleseryes on DVD? I’d definitely be interested in the one where John Lloyd and Bea’s loveteam was born – what was the title of that series? Found it: Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. I think it was this series that got me really hooked on Pinoy telenovelas on Primetime TV. This was also the series that brought Lorna Tolentino’s TV career back to life. I loved her in this series.

Singing birds in the background

Mom and Dad went to the Lung Center Sunday Market yesterday and came home with 2 pairs of birds. They are cute little ones but they forgot to ask what kind of birds these are. Alfred says they’re society finches but he’s not sure.

They sure are playful and very chirpy! Watch them flying about and listen to their singing for yourself. Here’s a video I took just now:

Yesterday, Zune appeared like he was very welcoming and enjoyed just watching them. When we finally hung the cage where he can’t really see the birds, he kept jumping/reaching up. This morning my dad moved the cage, then I think Zune decided he didn’t want them around. He kept barking at the cage! Stop terrorizing the small ‘uns honey!Laughing 10

Music & Lyrics

Ok, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this movie, but every time I do, I enjoy it. I sing the song over and over sometimes 🙂

Thanks to Tracy who posted this video over at her blog, I now know the lyrics to Alex Fletcher’s very own composition, the one he wrote and performed at the concert. Yes, the one that got the girl 🙂 It’s not my favorite song, it isn’t as catchy nor poetic (sorry, I am not a literary genius ok) as Way back into love but it’s got magic. With songs, sometimes, it’s the thought that counts. Or rather, it’s how it makes you feel that matters. And who wouldn’t have a soft spot for someone who sings that?

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