Hanging out w/ the Team

Another week is almost over. Thank you Lord that though Typhoon Helen did come around keeping us wet and on our toes, there was no flooding this time around.

On Sunday, we drove out to Pansol, Laguna, my team and I. And we just hung out. Here are the photos to prove it (please play the vid so we can get at least 100 views? hahahahaha!):


We were supposed to stay at the LaRoca Resort, and we made it there before the 2PM check in time.


But we decided to find alternative lodgings upon learning that the area where the cottages were got flooded from the recent monsoon rains. The pools are okay, and so are the actual rooms. But the surrounding area of the cottages didn’t look so good.

So off we went to try our luck in other private resorts. It wasn’t so difficult to find one within our budget range.

We ended up Villa Valeta. It has a small hot spring pool, a dining/videoke area, a stove and a tank of gas, and a grill. There were three rooms that could fit 3-4 persons each. There were 9 of us, so it was a perfect fit.

Food was great, and we didn’t lack of booze. It was fun all around. Smile

We’re already planning the next one, haha!


Anyway… here’s a video I saw on the HONY website today. Cute!

The Holstee Manifesto

These words have been shared so many times before, but this is the first time I’m seeing this video, and also the first time I checked out their website.


I am truly, truly, inspired. I try not to complain about my job and everything that I have to do for it because I do believe that if one hates it so much, then one should just quit. And I’m not ready to quit just yet. Smile

Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion.

Independence Day 2012

Happy 114th Anniversary of Independence Philippines!



The National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Rock Ed Radio
ARNOLD ARRE directed and animated.


We had work last night/today so everything was normal, no holiday for us. The only thing that seemed different was that it was windy and cloudy. There was no holiday vibe at all. The mall wasn’t even that full of people (my only reference is SM Cubao though). There didn’t seem to be any special Independence Day sale going on, no promo for all brand appliance parts, or back to school sales even. Or I might just have missed the signs.

I was trying to recall how I’ve spent this holiday in the past, hoping I did something meaningful. Sad to say I can’t remember anything. The most I could remember was looking forward to the fireworks for the Centennial celebration. How lame is that?

Maybe one project to add to my 101 list in 1001 (I’ll speak more about that pending project soon) would be to do something meaningful in commemoration of the country’s Freedom Day 2013 (and beyond).

What do you do to celebrate Independence Day?


Thanks to BC Bloggers’ Comment Exchange, I came across this post about Blogging: Finding a Niche. She shared this video, which I happen to like too (thanks again!)


Some snippets from the vid:

Pursuing one’s passion. Having so many interests, so many ideas, is a very good place to be. A lot of people are changing their life paths.

What is it that makes my heart sing? What is it that creates value in my life, in other people’s lives?

Step aside and allow ourselves to take action and try things out. Without putting the pressure on being perfect or selecting the right thing.

what we’re doing right now is not the ‘be all, end all.’ It grows, builds, and expands, or it might lead you to something else.

The most important: taking action. Doing. Starting now.

Over time it will reveal itself whether you want to keep on doing it or change.


She echoes what Rubin also says in The Happiness Project. And she reminds me of why my word for the year is Start.

Last week, we took one big step to see whether we can get something more out of a passion that both the boyfriend and I share: for photography. We still don’t know if we will pursue this. Time will tell.

There are other things I’d like to start and I guess this year won’t be enough to do them all. I’ll just focus on getting through my list – or listing them all for starters. Smile 

Pesos and Sense: The Social Cost of Investing

Filipinos are very social. Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino Psychology) identifies kapwa/pakikipagkapwa as our core value. This refers to community, togetherness. We hardly do things alone. Oh we do, but things make much more sense if we do them with others, or if the end result is for others.

That’s probably why Facebook is so popular in this country. They say 9 out of 10 Pinoys have a Facebook account. Not sure how accurate that is, I can’t find exact and accurate figures. FB allows us to keep tabs on our family and friends. Though we don’t even bother to text or call them offline, we can show our seeming concern over their affairs and well-being online. People I haven’t talked to or seen in 10 years are ‘speaking’ to me online.

But being social has its toll. When you see your friends posting photos of their latest gadgets, or photos of their recent getaways, you can’t help but WANT those things too. If you have a job, then you probably can afford it. But do you want to spend on those really?

Pesos and Sense featured this video in one of their episodes, and it was shown in yesterday’s seminar as well:


It’s true, deciding where to use your money can be a tough call. What are your priorities? What do you want for yourself?

Do I buy that electric guitar now and live my rockstar dream (even if just at home), or do I wait a few months or years? Am I good with my four pairs of shoes, or do I really need a red pair for that outfit I might wear at least once this year?

But the video also kinda makes it sound so boring. Can’t wise investors ever have fun? Can’t we have the good things in life right now as well? I think we can. It’s really just all a matter of planning.

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