Elephabet. Toppers. Rock on!

I cannot promise that this post makes complete sense. It all started from searching through my blog archives for a Halloween 2011 photo (there’s none). We may or may not have our annual Halloween party on Wednesday night, see. And to convince myself that it needs to happen, I wanted a memory of last year’s bash. Couldn’t find one. What does this frantic search for photos remind me of? The need to catalogue my photo files. Stat!

Since photo organizing is still an art I have yet to master, I will leave that for yet another day. So this search led me instead to the Bunny with a Toolbet store in Etsy. The owner put her book and crafts project on Kickstarter last year and I was really interested in it. I went back and forth about sponsoring though until the fund was completed and I didn’t pitch in at all. Now, I still want to buy the book, and maybe a few of her pieces.

Here’s how the Elephabet book looks like. It’s also available on Amazon.

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



Apart from the book, I’m also thinking of getting an original Elephant that she made just for this project. But then I her Wedding Topper Elephants!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



This pair is my favorite, I think, but I’d also love it in purple!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



My ideas for my own wedding changes constantly, but there will always be cake. Any of these pairs would be welcome on our cake!

This character grabbed my attention too, rock on!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



So then my thoughts flew to other things. Like the best soundtrack for my wedding. That’s always been a fun topic. We wanted Pinoy band scene. Which rock band would do a wedding gig though? Haha! But any show band would take on a Pinoy rock theme, I think. But wedding plans are still, up to now, quite vague. We know we want to get married, but we’re so tempted to just elope and surprise everyone! Although, we do want to throw a nice big celebration dinner for all our friends and family who have witnessed our love story so far. It would be a nice thank you for everyone who have been part of our journey so far. Diba?

There’s no one title, or set of keywords that is perfect for this post. See how I’ve jumped from one topic to another? halloween kids books wedding rock music acoustic guitar pickup musicians friend. No cohesive key word. SEO nightmare! Haha SmileI don’t care!

So to close this post, this is what the musician’s friend above reminded me of. I had to search for this video in my blogs (old and new) just so I could grab it and share. It’s not the Halloween photo I was originally searching for, but it still has my nephew and nieces in it. This was taken 5-6 years ago. Our little rockstars with their badminton racket/acoustic guitars! Enjoy!


Danny and Annie

Design Mom Gabrielle Blair posted the story of Danny and Annie on her blog today. I watched the animation, listened to their voices, and was moved.

What a lovely story. I think it was wonderful how StoryCorps was able to go back and interview the couple before Danny passed on. I wonder how Annie is today? Listening to their voice as they shared their story, my grandparents faces flashed in my mind. How I wish I was able to document their story this way too. Simple, but very meaningful. Powerful.

It made me think a little about my love story too. And those of the people around me, my parents most specially. No doubt, in the 12 years Alfred and I have been together, we’ve got lots more stories to share, many are similar to the BUT post, but also others that are different. I would love to sit with my parents, together or separately, and interview them too. That would really be nice.

Watching the vid also got me to thinking about an idea I mentioned to my bestfriend when she was preparing to get married. An animated prenup vid or invitation would be nice. It’s a wonderful idea for people like me who don’t love being in front of the camera. An animated prenup or save the date video would be the perfect solution for me. Fun too.


Back in March 2012, the campaign KONY 2012 was launched. Shortly after, the Creative Director of Invincible Children, the NGO behind the campaign, came under attack. This video somehow attempts to explain what happens. But more than that, this video shows how the issue of Child Soldiers and the the need to capture Joseph Kony, is bigger than just one person. To me it says that the message that #KONY2012 brought to the world, is stronger than the spokesperson.

When news about Jason Russell’s breakdown came about, I paid no attention to it. Because I knew that what the Invisible Children was fighting for was something that ought to be fought for, regardless of who was doing the fighting.

Take 30 mins to watch this next video, or just listen to it if you must continue browsing other sites. Listen.

I won’t be in DC in November, so I’m sharing this video on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else I can. I also donated almost 20% of my current Paypal funds to Invisible Children (it’s not very big, but if more people gave a little, there’d be enough funds to help rehabilitate children and families).

Please. Do what is in your power to do to help put an end to Joseph Kony’s monstrosity. Every child deserves a childhood, one where they can be innocent, have time for play, school. Every kid must be kept safe. They need space to explore and run around in safely. Basketball courts, play grounds, sand boxes, that’s what they must have. Outdoor fountains with pools. Not battle grounds. Not military camps.

Think of the young you, what were your dreams and aspirations? For many like Jacob, they didn’t even know they could dream. Or they fear to dream. This must end.

I wish that the anti-CSEC and Trafficking campaign would harness the power of the social media like #KONY2012 did.

Sarah Kay and Spoken Word Poetry

Cathy Zielske in her recent blog said it right, The Internet is Amazing. Without the Internet, I never would have heard of Sarah Kay. She is a young woman who travels to different schools performing and teaching open word poetry. She also writes plays/musicals and shoots documentaries.

I want to be her. She’s someone I could have been. Watch:


Isn’t she something? She co-heads Project VOICE with her friend Phil Kaye (you also have to watch their video “An Origin Story”), they envision to use Spoken Word to entertain, educate, and inspire. In this short talk, she certainly accomplished all three for me.

Once upon a time, I wrote poems. I was a fairly good writer. I tried short story writing too. Until now I still believe that, given time and the proper environment, I can still be a good writer. Or a poet. And I loved performing on stage. I may have been good too. So Spoken Word Poetry? It could totally have been my thing. Had I known there was such a thing.

What’s more important though is that I totally get how Spoken Word Poetry could be what many young people need. I’ve never had problems speaking out or finding ways to get myself heard. But I know it isn’t true for all young people. I hope they reach more audiences, even Filipino kids, and create opportunities for them too to engage with their environment, with the world. And this medium can be totally taken to the streets. Oh how fun and amazing that would be.

What inspires me from this talk isn’t the idea that I could be doing what she does, but the understanding that it’s not too late to be whatever that I want to be. Or whatever I wanted to be. The three steps she mentioned in her speech? Totally applicable to anything you want to do, not just being in Spoken Word.

First step: I Can.

It begins with the realization that I can do something. Or even that I am onto something magical and it is worth my time, and some people may be interested in what I can do.

Second step: I will.

Commitment. Willing to continue, to do it over and over until you find your voice. Until you find what makes something truly yours, or until you put your own stamp onto that something that you do.

Third step: Put all the things that you know so far into what you do.

This, Sarah says, is the step that never ends. And I realize that this is true not just for creative pursuits, but for anything that we do really. So I could decide that I could be the best boss, the best OM at work. It means having to put all my past experiences and all that I know into what I have to do at work. I can totally see how what I know about blogging or my experiences in theater could help me take my team to success.

When I hear about young women like Sarah Kay who are sharing their talents to the world, and helping change the world, I am overwhelmed with a feeling that I had my chance and didn’t take it. But I can’t reconcile that feeling with my conviction that I don’t regret any of the choices I have made in my life. So seeing this quote has recently given me hope –



It’s never too late to be who you might have been – George Eliot.

No, it is not too late for me. Thanks to Sarah’s three steps, I can still make things happen.

After all, local actor Richard Yap, popularly known as his characters Papa Chen and Sir Chief rose to fame at 44!

The Piano Guys–What Makes you Beautiful

Last night, as I surfed through blogs on my feed, I stopped for awhile to watch this video on LivE Design’s blog:

And I was amazed. Watch it.

And I remembered all the hours I spent learning to play the piano.

I want to play again. Though I will never be this good, nor better.

So add getting a piano to my bucket list. Wait, I don’t even have a bucket list.

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