Jesus Loves the Little Children

I grew up learning Bible stories and the teachings of Christ through Sunday School. It was there that I first experienced being taught to make heart-shaped cards to give my parents for Valentine’s Day.

Sunday couldn’t come too soon because on that day we get to go to school in the Seminary and yet have fun. We learn songs. We draw, color, cut, paste, and do lots of creative things.

It’s almost like every other afternoon spent with friends in some grounds or corner of the compound. Except we’d be wearing our Sunday best.

Every Sunday at around 8 or 830 AM, all the kids would head to their respective classrooms, while our parents or older siblings proceed to the chapel. We all meet again later, during Communion. And then after Mass, the community gathers for coffee at the Common Room. Sometimes, the Sunday School kids would mount a performance.

Fun times.

All those memories came back to me after seeing this short video.

Thank you indeed for all the support given to the ECP’s Sunday School programs. Though their own experiences may be different, I’m pretty sure that when these kids are as old as I am now, they will look back to these times with fondness.

Then I remembered too, that at some point I thought about volunteering for the children’s ministry of the Church. So why haven’t I? It would honor Auntie Leesah’s memory to do it (ask any Seminary kid of my generation and their Sunday School memories will not be complete without her). It would also be a way to give back to the Church who has given us so much.

I don’t even go to church regularly. Sad to say, but the only times I’ve been at church lately, is to attend a memorial mass for friends or loved ones who died. So I won’t make a promise today that soon I’ll be back on track, attending Mass, and volunteering for Sunday School. No I won’t make a promise I’ll break. But I am reminding myself today. Reminding myself that I’ve been looking for something new to be passionate about. I’ll never know if this is it all along if I don’t give it a try.

Did you have Sunday School at your church? What was it like?

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

Lea Salonga, Pinoy Pride, sang Marius’ song from Les Miserables in her recent guesting in Good Day New York at Fox 5 News.


She played Eponine and later, Fantine in Les Miz but she is still best loved for her portrayal as Kim in Miss Saigon.

Don’t you love her rendition of Empty Chairs and Empty Tables? I actually felt for that scene in the movie (just saw it on Monday night). Dama ko sya, for some reason.

Sigh. I so loved the musical and still wish I can get to see it onstage. But I was looking for more details that I read in the book. Oh well, maybe I’ll write more about my thoughts of the movie later on.

One Second Every Day

1 Second Everyday

Today, Thursday January 10, until just before midnight, the One Second Everyday App is available for free on iTunes. At the stroke of midnight Friday, it will be on sale for $0.99.

How do I know this? I first learned of the 1SE App via Kickstarter. After reading about the concept, I decided to back the project. It means I get the app for free, and I have also been receiving constant updates from the developer.

I am a frustrated Memory Keeper. I take lots of photos and keep some ephemera, but my scrapbooking (both digi and Project Life) aren’t going along so well. Progress is slow to non-existent. Still, I look for ways to encourage me further in this goal of capturing and documenting life. The 1SE is just another tool.

Here’s the Kickstarter video to let you know more about the app:

If you’re interested, head on over to iTunes before midnight to download the App for free. Instead of giving backers free access to the app, the developer let us tell our friends about it too. If you miss it, it’s still a steal at $0.99

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s the developer’s own 1SE video of his entire 30th year.

Books for Babuyan

A friend from college posted this video on Facebook today. Very timely. It’s the season of giving, and this is an opportunity to give a gift that will continue to give. For a gift that aids in educating young minds can go very far. These children, given the chance, can have the same opportunities as each one of us had. The opportunity to dream, and to make those dreams come true. The opportunity to become active citizens of this country, of the world.


Let the children of Camiguin Norte, Babuyan Islands, be the recipient of your love this Christmas. Smile

The Ely Buendia Experience

Back in October a friend from work tagged me on a poster for Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits, Live! Almost immediately, without even considering that I worked Saturdays, I said yes to going.

The closet fan did not join me on Saturday night, and it wasn’t a big deal because it was all about Ely and me. Haha! I just about tuned out everyone else and concentrated on my idol.

We had good seats, even if it was the very back row of Patron C. It meant we could stand up and dance all we want and not worry about bothering anyone behind us. The only downside is that my camera had no zoom lens. Even not being able to take fab photos didn’t bother me so much, I was there for the music. Smile

The show lasted a little over an hour, short if compared to other concerts, and even bar gigs. It was like going to a music bar and listening to just one set. But it was a good show and I really enjoyed it. There were no interruptions, no special guests, no technical difficulties. Just Ely’s voice supported by the band and the orchestra. All Ely, all the way.

It was only my second time at the Music Museum and first in those seats. Love the idea of being able to order in food and drinks and having a place to put them on during the show. We didn’t order anything in though, the prices were jacked up too high! 98 pesos for Coke in can? Seriously? Haha.

Our after show photo – Aisa’s friend, Aisa, Janel, Bee and me! Ric was taking the photo.


Here are photos taken by Janel during the show:





Janel took videos too, and you can look them up at his Youtube channel –

Here’s the vid of the first song, Alapaap:


The last song for the evening, Ang Huling El Bimbo:


One of my favorites, ever: Ligaya!

Watch the other videos in Youtube, via Qritiko’s channel.

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