Leona on Idol, and Zune’s getting better :)

Leona Lewis was on Idol this week.

Bleeding Love isn’t my favorite but she is a great performer and a talented singer so I still enjoyed seeing her there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful song but it just doesn’t showcase her vocal range much. I’ve only really ‘heard her’ through Music Messenger and I really liked her in the other songs I heard. I didn’t really love the original, but her version of A Moment Like This got me stop working when I heard it. It got me thinking whether it was her original!

Too bad Carly’s been eliminated; that leaves Syesha as the last of the power house singers among the girls (Ramielle and Carly being the two others). It was such a shock that Brooke was able to hang on, but good for her too because she gets to have a chance to redeem herself next week.

I would be heartbroken (hehe) to see Jason Castro go when his time comes – I like him but I don’t think he’s top two material. But I am not America so I may be wrong again.

Zune has not been well this week, but he is better today. He’s running in and out again, and he’s been barking at strangers coming to our door again. Looking forward to him getting better still so he can take a bath! We took him to the vet on Wednesday morning and I was touched that the doctor sent me a text message just now checking up on him. How sweet!