Thursday Thirteen – #10

I can’t believe I almost missed Thursday Thirteen again this week…
In the spirit of Idol Gives Back, which was an awesome show that I almost missed too, here are 13 ways to give back – online.

1 to 6: On my sidebar I have my ‘one-click donations.’ All you got to do is go to those sites and click on the button to make a donation. It doesn’t even take 5 minutes of your time (on hi-speed Internet)

The Child Health Site

The Breast Cancer Site

The Literacy Site

The Hunger Site

The Animal Rescue Site

The Rainforest Site

7 to 9 is another site that offers you an opportunity to click to donate and they have quite a number of campaigns going there. Sign up to learn more of what you can do. Click on these three buttons to start your own race.

10 Save the Children UK used to have a Philippine office and I was involved with some of their projects as a teener. You can shop at their site to make a difference. Just click on the logo and it’ll take you to their page.

11 ECPAT is a global network of organizations dedicated to combat the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. I was very active in this network in my young life and was involved in many activities. Here’s a link to a page that lets you make donations to the cause through PayPal, but please explore their website for information on this issue plaguing the world’s children.

Ok, I am two links short but I really got to go and get ready for work tonight. I’ll come back and add two more to these links. C’mon, let’s all give back…

Edit: Ok, here are the additional links.
12 I found this website a long time ago (I already forgot how) and was fascinated by the work they do. I even wrote to them asking for any possibility that they may feature kids from the Philippines and Asia, but they weren’t prepared for that at the time. Today I remembered how I was so interested to maybe even organize a local chapter or start something like this here. Maybe I shouldn’t give up on that. Visit their site and learn how you can Make a Child Smile by sending them and their siblings real cards. You can make a donation too, if you want.

13 This website is for a local foundation taking care of abused and abandoned girl children. I’ve never really worked directly with the organization itself but I’ve worked with some of their girls in the past, through my involvement at ECPAT and the youth organization we built – Young People against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Childern. Visit the CRIBS Foundation website and checkout their How to help link to find out how you can help a child in the Philippines.

Move along now, you got 13 sites to help you give back 🙂