If Juday can have a slim figure…

Judy Ann Santos graces the June cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine in the Philippines. Now, I haven’t purchased Cosmo in a long time, in fact, I didn’t purchase glossy mags for awhile until last month when I got the Metro issue with Kris Aquino in the cover. On the same night, I also picked up my first copy of Yummy magazine (I bought one again today too).

Anyway, I admit, it was Juday that made me buy this month’s issue. I’m probably not a true-blue Judy Ann fanatic but I must admit that I find myself liking her more and more as the years go by.

I used to watch her in Ula. On my first summer camp, we were in Tagaytay and we would call out to Ula, ang Batang Gubat while looking out to the lush greens in the mountains. I remember feeling grossed out by her lice shampoo commercial. Hehe. And then, the afternoon soap opera that truly truly made things happen for her – Mara Clara. How old was I then? I don’t remember anymore.

I didn’t watch any of her movies though, not even when they were showed on TV a year after the big screen release. I didn’t particularly like her or her movies before.

The first teleserye I really watched her in was Krystala. At first it was mostly because it was the first new superhero in town that started all the super hero fantaserye we’ve had since. She had started to slim down by then. Then came her serye with Piolo – now what was the title of that series? The one where their last names are all last names of the Boy Scouts who died in the plane crash (street names in Barangay Laging Handa too). Waaah.

Whatever the title was, I watched that teleserye. I fell in love with Piolo there too. And now, boyfriend and I both love singing one of it’s theme songs. This one:


I think they had another teleserye before that one (pre-Krystala) but as I said, I was not an avid fan before. I also did not watch her teleseryes with Robin Padilla as her partner. I’m not sure why.

I also watched every episode that I could of her latest soap Ysabella.

Alfred loves watching Tagalog movies over at Cinema One. We always wish for either Aga or Juday flicks. We always enjoy watching those.

So why the sudden fascination with Juday? Is it because I really see the difference in her acting now? Yeah I do, but that’s not it.

Is it because she’s Ryan Agoncillo’s girlfriend/fiance? Uh, so what?

I think, that it’s because if Juday can lose significant weight and have a very toned and flawless body – then there’s hope for me.


Oops. Pardon the music stream that automatically plays. Just turn it off. I gotta find the code so that it would only Play when the button is clicked.