What an awesome kick-off for a long weekend!

A colleague from work, Kiss, wrote a very flattering review for the choco truffles I’ve been making. I love getting comments about what I make, because it affirms it for me. You know what I mean? I make them not so much because I want to make money out of them, but because I truly enjoy doing so. Knowing that they are appreciated is really the icing on the cake. 🙂

I’m already thinking of variations to the Oreo Truffles. I will be trying some things out during my long weekend, which officially started at 4AM.

Yes, I have a long weekend – 4 days – ahead of me. I usually have Sundays and Mondays off work but I volunteered to go to work this Monday since one of my colleagues was on vacation (and she still isn’t back). To compensate, I’m off for Saturday. Then my regular off is here – Sun-Mon, and then I availed of a one day vacation for Tuesday so we can also attend a book launch.

The downside is that I have all this time, but I’m not going anywhere. I really was looking forward to finally going to Bolinao with friends. We’ve been planning a vacation for the longest time but it hasn’t materialized yet. This time last year, we were in Sagada exploring the cave and going up and down mountains just to see the waterfalls (I wanted to provide a link to my Live Space album but the site is down). Anyway, the vacation may still become a reality, as long as everyone’s still interested. There’s still some sun left.

I have not been blogging much lately, and that includes blog-hopping. Part of it is because my PC is sick. Sick, I tell you. Just today, it took me almost an hour just to wait for it to boot up properly. I had to turn it on and off countless times.

Boyf has a pretty good idea what’s causing it but we’ve been delaying dealing with it because I didn’t want to spend for the computer again when I haven’t even paid for the monitor in full. Since I received my leave conversions though, we’re thinking of using some of that money for this. I was hoping it would be for our vacation though (specially since our birthdays are coming up fast).

Hmm.. Blogger now has a blogroll feature and I am going to give that a try in a bit. My blog list and blogroll are both getting longer and longer I’m not sure I want to keep both on the sidebar looking that way. I do like seeing the blinkies though. Oh well.

My dad just woke up and apparently, we’re going swimming today! My mom’s office has an annual summer outing and they get to take their families. This year it happens today. They didn’t tell me beforehand probably because I’m supposed to be working Saturdays.

This means I won’t be getting any significant sleep this morning, I don’t really mind though! My nephew – if you know me or have been reading up on my blogs, you would be able to guess which one – Esban is of course tagging along.

Okay, I gotta stop and get some blog-hopping done before I take a shower or a quick nap.