Comic book finds

Clicking through Project Wonderful ads (I carry those too, please check them out if you’re so inclined) has led me to wonderful discoveries tonight. I am now reading Comics online!

The first one that caught my fancy is Xylia Tales. The graphics are really awesome. I clicked on the Archives link and read from when it all began. I’ve only reached the beginning of Chapter 2, so far. I’ve got plenty of pages more to go.

They also just updated their website (as in just now) and now I see that the author/artist has a second story up. That should be interesting too. Maybe when I have some earnings from my ads I’ll donate to the site, I do want to see more from them!

The second comic I started reading (at the same time, I go back and forth between the two) is Sore Thumbs. While Xylia is high fantasy, Sore Thumbs, for me, is satirical. One has to have an open mind to be able to appreciate it. I’ve gone back to the first issue which dates back to 2004!

Anyway, these artists are awesome and they publish their work on the web for free. Counting on donations and income from ads, I guess. I bet Alfred would be interested in these as well. I can’t wait to tell him.

When I was a little girl, my dad would buy me local comic books when he goes to the market. Both he and my mom really encouraged me to read, and comics was among the varied materials I got. What made it more meaningful for me was how he would tell me stories of him sneaking comics when he was a kid. His father didn’t approve of them and thought they were good for nothing. He would save his school money though, buy comics, and hideout under the house just to read. I felt like I was privileged because I could read them openly. Of course I understood too that maybe not all comics are fit for young minds.

Anyway, I stopped reading local comics a long time ago, except the dailies published in the broadsheets. I’d be delighted to see the comics of old published on the web too – along with the younger artists.