It was bound to get better right?

My Thursday didn’t start out all too well – woke up at 4am with a mild headache that progressed to a migraine. I couldn’t go back to sleep no matter how many times I changed from one sofa to another and then to my own bed. I twisted and turned, used a massager, closed my eyes, relaxed and tried to meditate. After three more hours of interrupted sleep and a lot of pain, I gave in to the call of the meds. It took an hour or two before I was pain-free – but far from comfortable, I could still feel it lurking.

I had given in and called Alfred too after 2 days of not talking. I was left alone at home by then, and I don’t do alone too well when I’m sick. I didn’t have to ask, he volunteered to come over and he even brought food – chicken curry that his mom cooked. What an angel! Angel 2

And though I still wasn’t feeling a hundred percent this afternoon, I went back to work and spread the virus. Runny Nose Uhm-hmm, me and my runny nose were back in the office, and this time we actually spent the whole nine hours there, versus the previous day’s six.

So it wasn’t a bad day after all. Really, it’s not how it started, but how it ends.

On another note, seems that for this Scrapbook Saturday, I will actually be posting on time and with a new layout at that. I started working on a layout the other day and I just have some finishing touches and journalling to add to it. It’ll be very different from the two layouts I’ve already posted.

Anyway, I’m off to do some reading about Joomla because I’m thinking of using it for future projects.