Not a good start

I have no business sitting here at home and much less, blogging. I should be on my way to work now. I can’t bring  myself to prep for work though. Halfway through my shift yesterday, I started feeling nauseous. I tried to close my eyes for a bit and take a nap but I couldn’t really. And usually, if you knew that a nap would help, you start feeling better the moment you close your eyes right? Well, I didn’t.

We have a clinic of course and it’s just a few steps from my station so I paid the nurse a visit. She took my blood pressure and it was just normal. She gave me an anti-vertigo pill. Two hours later, I wasn’t any better. To the contrary, I had to run to the ladies room several times because I thought surely, I was going to throw up. It didn’t happen though. Finally, with two hours left in my shift, I had asked my boss if I could just go home early. He let me go.

From the time I got home until a few minutes earlier, I slept. So if it was just about sleep, then I should be feeling better by now. I’m not. It’s not as lousy as last night, but it’s not much better either. I’m thinking of taking my ass to the hospital for a checkup. I’ll sit on it a few more minutes though.

I was pissed off yesterday because it started raining just when we were about to head to work. So we had to stay a bit for it to die down. Well it wasn’t about to stop so we decided to just brave the rain and get on our way. It took a longer time than usual to get a cab.  To make things worse, my pant legs got wet while I was just outside the house! And it took hours to dry off, I tell you! As soon as my legs started to feel cold, I thought about Justin boots and how nice it would be to have been wearing a pair just at that moment.

What really got to me was that the cab driver seemed to be new to the job. I had to give him directions. Now, that’s not so bad but when we found the streets flooded, I had to redirect him again. I mean, other drivers would know what to do, he just didn’t. We had to reroute three times, with each time on my lead. Ugh.

The usual 10 minutes it took for me to get to work became  40 minutes yesterday.

Remind me not to go through Scout Reyes, Mother Ignacia, and Timog Avenue the next time it rains. Those streets were flooded and it doesn’t make sense. I wasn’t surprised about the strip of Mo. Ignacia near Burger King because it’s a slope and there really was a very low part of it. But Scout Reyes and Timog Avenue? ! Calling Quezon City officials! Do something please.

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day at work for the new fiscal month. It wasn’t such a good way to start.