Skipping Saturday!

Okay, I think I actually just skipped a whole day.

No, I wasn’t asleep all day nor was I tied up in one humongous task. I had about four hours’ sleep so I could get to work earlier than usual (thanks Debbie for swapping schedules with me today). But the one agent I was hoping to coach that early did not come in. I had about six hours to kill until my other agents had to report to work, so I cleaned out my mailbox and did various little tasks that for the life of me I just can’t remember right now. Remember what I said about skipping the entire day?

Back at home before 10PM, Alfred is here and is ready to sleep. His bag is packed, he gave Zune a bath, and he even managed to wash my slippers. So we now he didn’t skip the day.

I had dinner (yummy shrimps), and then started to setup my day bag.

After this post, I shall start to pack.

We are off to Bohol in a few hours people! I gotta pack in 30 minutes so I can still get sum shut eye. My parents are taking us to the airport at 6AM and we’ll be flying by 8.

This is going to be Alfred’s first plane ride, by the way, so you can be sure that I am going to document it well. Haha. I wonder how pale he’s gonna be at takeoff?

Anyways, it’s going to be four days of just the two of us in a strange province. We’ll see how it goes.

To those expecting my usual Scrapbook Saturday post, I hate to disappoint, in my excitement for the trip I couldn’t focus my mind on Part 3 of my Organization series. But do visit the other Scrapbook Saturday ladies, starting with MammaDawg, who’s back from her road trip. From there, make your way to the rest of the gang. If you aren’t participating yet, then now’s a good time to do so!

There’s Wifi access at the hotel we’ll be staying at, and we’ll be bringing a laptop. I’m not sure though how much time I’d get to hog this baby so I can’t promise I’ll go visiting or posting updates over the weekend. But know that I will try. 🙂

Wow, it seems like ages ago since this post.

Wish us a safe trip, and pray for good weather!