A time to say Thanks!

I really should be sleeping now, the sun is already up. Boyfriend has already gone to bed without me. I’m waiting for a download to finish, you see. 11 percent left…

I had already taken Zune out for his morning walk. He is used to going out and doing his thing before six in the morning. My parents get up around 5-530. They aren’t here though – out of town to witness the consecration of our church’s newest bishop. I know Zune must be missing both Mom and Dad, so I figured I’d take him out for his morning walk so as not to completely break his habits while they’re away. Last night, it was Alfred’s turn to take him out for his 6pm walk (I was at work).

While there’s 8 percent more of the download, I’d like to take this chance to thank my top ten Entrecard droppers for the past thirty days:


Thanks for coming by to visit! 

Wow, I finished this post just as my download completed, sweet! Oh, this got me to wondering if there was a plugin that would count the number of comments posted by a particular person? That would be cool so I could also thank my top commenters who are not EC droppers.