the Art & Soul of Baking

I registered at the Fully Booked website at the height of my search for paper back editions of the Twilight Saga. Last night, I received their first ever e-zine containing some of their new releases. 

This is what caught my attention:

The image is linked to a review of the cookbook.

I really want to grab a copy. Along with the Martha Stewart Living Cookbook (which, I realized just today, was the big thick marked down cookbook I saw at NBS, SM Otis when we were there three weeks ago!). If I can’t enroll for a baking class, then these top-rated cookbooks have got to teach me what I need to know. Haha.

I really want a new oven. I want it bad. *Sniff*

Oh, and because I was over at the Fully Booked site again, I remembered how I’d love to get their Discount Card which entitles holders to 10% off your purchases. The thing is, you need to accumulate 10k’s worth of receipts (all spent within a year) to receive a free one, or you could buy one for 700 pesos. If only someone would get me one. Haha. 🙂