Was he that drunk?

So Alfred came home at around 3AM earlier, from having a long night out with his friends. Which set of friends, I’m not really sure of.

He didn’t seem to be all that drunk. He remembered to brush his teeth, and then head back downstairs to check if he left the fridge door ajar.

He did fall asleep easily, after just a few minutes of chatting with me.

Maybe after an hour or so, I felt him get up and open the door. I figured he went to the john. Then the next thing I heard was the stand fan crashing!

I got up and saw him right there at the foot of the bed, on top of our shoe rack and the electric fan!

I pulled the plug on the fan because though it was cracked so many places, it was still working. Thank goodness it didn’t cut off any of his fingers or what! The shoe rack seems damaged too, but I haven’t assessed it yet. I pulled him up – quite a feat – and he went straight back to sleep. I was wondering if he had passed out, I think he just really fell asleep while still standing? I mean, he was snoring!

So I checked on the fan hoping to get it up again, but it wasn’t possible. I left it right there, in the exact state as they were when he fell, so he can see them for himself when he gets up.

I’d take a photo to share but I’m too lazy to go down and get my phone cable so I can transfer the photos to the laptop.

Aye, his been drunk before but this is the first time anything like this has ever happened!