Missed Photo Opps

I was at the hospital this afternoon to finally have my coughs and colds be checked by a doctor.  I ended up having a chest xray done, and a skin test.  I won’t know the results until Monday though, when I see the doctor again.

While there, I realized how many photos I could have taken.  I left my phone at home and felt impaired (like leaving one arm behind)!  There were so many photos I could have taken.

The door to the X-Ray room with the red light above the doorway, that lights up only when there is an ongoing, what do you call it – session?

There was also the blue adhesive mats right outside the door to a room that was being renovated.  It was interesting because it serves like a door mat.  The men who leave the room step on the mat, leave tons of dirt behind, before they step on the floor of the hospital halls.  I guess it’s a good way to at least minimize the dirt that the renovation would have caused in their halls.

I’d have loved to take a photo of the hand sanitary liquid dispensers on the hallway too, hehe.  Those things are all around the hospital and I’ve always loved the scent – better than store bought hand sanitizers I tell you.

Anyway… I’d love to say more but I’m sleepy and I need to go to bed now…