D60 it is!

Thanks to the boyfriend who financed 50% of my newest toy, we went out today and came back home as proud owners of a Nikon D60! Woot woot! 🙂

We had to cash out Alfred’s last NCO paycheck at Citibank Paseo de Roxas then we had lunch at Jollibee right across the bank. From there we took a cab to Quiapo. Went in to inquire for a D60 at Henry’s, left because their stocks were just arriving in the next two hours. Tried next door at Mayer’s which was packed, and got good quick service from the attendants and manong who looked like he was the owner.  We were shown a brand new D60 and we said we were taking it. Went out to the ATM right across the store, came back not 3 minutes later to find that another guy purchased the kit that was shown to us. No biggie, they had more stocks from where it came from.  Five minutes later (okay maybe more), the whole transaction was done. The box was wrapped in newspaper, then I shoved it, along with the camera bag, into my reusable shopping bag.  

Backtrack to while we were in the cab on our way to Quiapo… Alfred went to the BDO branch near Citibank to withdraw from the ATM there.  He said he saw Chavit Singson there. He also saw a bank employee that reminded him of when he was working at the BDO head offices.  There are many different jobs in banking but the one he held while he was there so many years ago, doesn’t really have anything to do with banking.  To tell you honestly, he sounds bitter now when he talks about that 6-month stint.  He said that when he saw that poor guy earlier, he wanted to approach to tell him to get out from that joint and find something better.  Haha.

Anyway, back to the D60.  I have to be honest, the manual isn’t helping me a lot.  Maybe I’ll just read through it again tomorrow when I’m not sleepy.

I’m naming her Maxine, because she’s Frankie’s daughter. But I might still change my mind. No photos to post yet. Maybe I’ll share a few tomorrow.

For now, I sleep.