The Sizzling Pepper Steak

Can you guess what this is? You’d probably know what it is if you’ve already been to the Sizzling Pepper Steak at Trinoma.  If you don’t know what it is, well…


Last night was the first time we had dinner at this place and both Alfred and I agree that it was a good experience.  You don’t have to be worried on your first time there, they have a TV that plays demos of how to eat their bestselling dishes served on hot plates.  No, I am not kidding 🙂

The food is served on hot plates, with paper walls shielding the customer from the smoke that’s coming off sizzling meat:


The waitress told me to flip the beef cutlets (I ordered Gyu Saikoro) so that it can be cooked evenly, but I had to take photos and forgot to flip them at the right moment. I thought for sure the meat won’t be well done just the way I like ’em, but surprisingly, they were cooked just right. And I cannot believe how tender the meat was.  As in, like it could melt in your mouth. Haha 🙂


It is served with mongo sprouts, a few slices of carrots and baguio beans on the side.  There’s also a sauce to glaze the meat. It kinda tastes like Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Mizono, but not really.  Basta, I liked it 🙂  If you want rice to go with your meal though, you’d have to order it separately. I didn’t. What I got instead, was this yummy Chicken Salad. 


We ordered the salad as an after thought, but we were so glad that we did. It is both sweet and salty; the chicken was very tasty.  It’s chicken salad with nuts on top of lettuce, ripe mango slices, grapes, and tomatoes – with yummy sauce. Ugh. LOVE.

Tiramisu was up for dessert, and it was the single disappointing part of the meal.  I don’t think Tiramisu is meant to be frozen delight is it? In my mind Tiramisu is meant to be soft, and even wet. I’m guessing they stored the pan in a freezer, but it didn’t thaw enough before serving. So when you try to get a spoonful you get stuck at one layer… Oh well…

So Alfred and I discussed our eating habits, and how we could actually just order food to share the next time we dine there. We’d definitely get the chicken salad again.  On a more serious note though we should really change our eating habits because even the best diet supplements won’t be able to help us lose weight! Wahaha 🙂

Oh before I forget, so what’s on the first photo? Exhaust vents! They have a lot of those over the tables all around the restaurant. While we were being seated, the waitress warned us not to bump our heads on the exhausts. Alfred and I both reacted – that’s what it is! 🙂  Unluckily for the guy who sat on the table next to us, he hit one of these babies real hard. As in.