Wedding Plans

Before leaving for work on Thursday night my mom asked me to take my Maxine with me and go straight to her office after my shift. She apparently needs some photos for a presentation she’s preparing.  So even while I was already hungry, and sleepy, I went straight to the Seminary.  I snapped a few photos of this map they have in their office lobby. It shows where in the Philippines the ECP is.  We also had to take pictures of the Church’s flag.  It only took 10 minutes tops.

My aunt runs a canteen and I decided to have lunch right there.

becky's place

While eating, my aunt joined me and we had a nice chat.  She’s taking care of the catering services for a cousin’s wedding taking place in July.  This cousin has settled in the US already but he’ll be coming home with his bride to get married at our small beautiful homey church. The same church where my wedding will take place – someday. 🙂

So we talked about what’s going to happen and then she also asked me about our own plans for getting married.  My cousins told her about what Alfred and I have been thinking about and she’s always asked about it since then. She took out her magazines and we had a fun time looking at the beautifully crafted wedding cakes.  We marveled at the gowns too, and the different motifs for the wedding reception.

It’s always been the question of funds that kept us from concretely planning our wedding. But I think there’s something else. We should just decide on a budget, set a date, and then make sure the money will be there. Haha.

I think what’s really keeping me from pushing things forward is that I haven’t dropped a single pound. Seriously. I want to get married in a beautiful gown, be beautiful and radiant.  Have you seen my photos lately? No matter what I do, I don’t look the way I feel or look the way I want to. But I want that for my wedding.

And that means I must shed off some of this extra weight.

I am not looking for the impossible. I will not say that I have to reach my ideal weight before I can get married. That may never happen unless I get a bariatric surgery.  But lose weight I must.  I have an idea of how much, and what’s realistic in the timeframe that I’m looking at.

So the first step to finally walking down the aisle – lose weight. If it means going back to Marie France, or starting a 15-minute daily exercise routine, or popping some diet pills, then so be it.  I’ll start tomorrow. And I’ll take Alfred along for the ride.

Does this seem shallow? Maybe I am over simplifying things. It isn’t really our weight issues that keeps us resetting the wedding date for later. But I needed a reason. So there. 🙂

Anyway, back to my aunt.

becky's welcome

This duck welcomes guests to Becky’s place. It’s right at the doorframe of the red entrance. Cute, no? 🙂

I’d love to have a place like hers, only it won’t be a canteen but a bakeshop or a cafe with lots of books. Hay.