Sunflower Seeds

A friend commented (in person) on the lack of new photos uploaded to my blog.  I wanted to say it’s because I haven’t found the push to post the ones I’ve taken recently.  But to be truthful, it’s more because I haven’t really been taking much photos lately.

And that’s sad.

It wouldn’t be a sad fact if the reason for the lack of photos was that I’ve been baking during my free time. But that’s not true either.

Super sad.

So what have I been doing? Nothing really.

And I hate that.

I should schedule the things I’d like to try; devote time to take photos and learn more about photography. I should. Check back next week if I’ve done that already.

I should draw a list of stuff I want to bake and then run up a schedule to actually make them. This one I really want to do. Next week, check on my progress. Please.

Hay, shoulds. But these ones are the type I want to do. So I’m not complaining.

Oh, but I did snap photos of something today:

sunflower seeds

There’s a Pick & Mix kiosk near the building entrance and I pass by it everyday.  Today, I gave in to the pull of these sweeties (though there were plenty more I wanted to get).  You know what they are?  Inside those colorful candy-coating (some of them are pink!) are chocolate-coated sunflower seeds.  These are tiny! And yummy!