Happy Birthday Shanti!

It’s my niece/god-daughter Shanti’s birthday. She turned 15 today.


She’s a good student – currently in third year high school in one of the Science sections in a good public school. She graduated from gradeschool with honors too.

She volunteered to teach at the VCS last summer.

I hope she enjoys this year, and the many years to come in her life. Happy birthday sweetie! 🙂

shanti shanti3 shanti4

Because I am her ninang and just because I like to, I normally give her a gift for her birthday. Today, I haven’t even seen her yet. I wonder if she’d still want to read Nancy Drew? She’s probably the only one among her cousins who might have some interest in books, next to the little boy Esban. And I’d like to encourage her in that. I’d probably get her a Fully Booked GC or maybe take her with me to the bookstore and let her pick up a title or two.