NBS Project Aral 2

On Saturday, we went to the Megamall along with hundreds of bargain hunters to purchase a few things. We stopped by The Podium (see the boyfriend’s related post here) before we finally went to the bigger mall.

Our first stop at the Mega was the National Bookstore, to do this:

NBS aral packs

and this…

NBS project aral

No, it wasn’t just to pose and have photos taken, silly!

I had heard through a friend that they had this donation drive to provide school children affected by the recent typhoons with study kits. All you had to do was purchase the subsidized kits, write your name on the tag, and drop them off in their boxes. NBS would make sure they get to kids who need them.

We grabbed eight of these, and it felt good to do so.

Now, go out and spend your 25 pesos on one kit. Or set aside a hundred pesos for 4. There’s a branch at Quezon Avenue, a bigger one at Cubao, and everywhere else (uh, most malls I should say).

For more info, check out the NBS Multiply page.

They will also donate 5 pesos for every person who follows them in Twitter, or fan them inĀ Facebook. Go go go!