The Great Flood of 2009

September 26, 2009 – Typhoon Ondoy hits Metro Manila. Everyone thought it was just going to be another typhoon. One of the many many such storms that pass through this tropical country.

When I woke up at 430AM, the creek in front of our house had already risen and spilled over to the road. My mom asked me to check if the water was receding so my dad could bring the cars back down to our level. No – instead of receding back to the creek, the water level had actually risen. It was just a few feet away from kuya’s car. We woke dad up. He waded through the water and moved the car to safety.

At around 8AM (probably earlier), when I checked again, the water was gone.

At 9AM, the rain hasn’t stopped, and the water was rising – rapidly. After having breakfast, I took my camera out and snapped photos. I was surprised that the water was more than waist deep already out there on what was the road.

Ondoy 004

My cousins were preparing for the inevitable flood – and my nephew was still in good spirits to smile for me:

Ondoy 006

None of us thought that this would be more than just the usual flooding. Who would’ve known that our house, built with the highest flood recorded here in mind, would be chest-deep in water? And that the three-door apartment’s first floor would be completely submerged in water? That’s where my cousins and grandpa live. Who would who would have thought that we would wait until the next morning to see land again?

I would love to share more of my family’s version of the Great Flood of 2009. But I have other things in my mind just now.

No time to worry about my blog, of lost earning opportunities, nor of superficial concerns like acne, nor of getting my hands and feet dirty. It’s four days since the waters receded, and we’re still not done cleaning up. I went back to work last night, and I wish I hadn’t. But I did, and to work I shall be tonight. Which means instead of helping out in the cleaning, to bed I go. Maybe tomorrow, the photos will be ready for posting.

Please consider donating and/or volunteering for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. A lot of people were more devastated than we were.

Here’s some info on how you can help: