The Biggest Loser

We’re now entering the fourth week of our own edition of The Biggest Loser at work.

It started out with 10 contenders. We’re down to eight. By the end of this week (Week 5), we’ll be cutting off two more.

I’m afraid that I might actually be one of the two. Haha. I didn’t weigh in at all last week, which isn’t such a big deal because it was a non-elimination week anyway, but that meant I also had no idea of whether I lost additional weight, or gained back the three pounds I lost previously.

Which wouldn’t be much of a surprise really. After all, I have not done any exercise, no additional mobility. I have been eating less, and a little more healthy too. For example, I’ve taken to bringing lunch to work on some days. It’s either greens, or sandwiches. And I’m talking about salmon and tuna spread with lettuce, pickle relish and cheese, on wheat bread. If I take my free lunch at the office pantry, I ask for only a fourth of the normal rice serving. Then go for vegetables and the fish or chicken viand available. Or at least I try to.

I also didn’t visit Marie at all this week. I was feeling quite cold kasi, and didn’t feel like subjecting my body to even colder temperatures. But tomorrow, I might go.

Something that might actually help me lose weight though, is that my bowel movement seems to have some regularity to it now. As soon as I get home from work, my body somehow recognizes the scent of home and is ready to go. Haha. But seriously, that’s probably a sign that my metabolism is finally gaining some momentum. Gone are the days when I think it’s normal to let a day go by without doing number 2 in the toilet. Okay, sorry if I’ve grossed you out right there…

Going back to The Biggest Loser…

I think I mentioned here before how this was something we started at work after I had challenged one of my agents who was overweight just like me. He’s a guy and was one of the first to go. In fairness to him, he did lose a significant amount of weight on the first week, and I also saw how disciplined he was in what he ate. We had pizza at work twice that week, and he did not eat any. He was with us, but he took no bite of it. The problem was when he had gone out of town with his wife’s family, and he couldn’t say no to the food. He came back and was back at his starting weight.

I feel bad though, because as the brains behind this mini contest, I could have taken a more pro-active stance in encouraging everyone on their path to wellness. I guess it’s not yet too late, and I could still do that e-zine I thought I’d put up for everyone. So tomorrow, I’ll interview the biggest loser from the first elimination round so he can tell everyone how he lost the ten pounds in two weeks.

Then I also must rethink what else I can do to further my weight loss. Otherwise, I might just have to turn to more drastic and invasive means to lose all this fat in my body.  Weight loss surgery Mexico style, or lapband or bariatric surgery might be my only options! Yikes.