You are the Music in Me – Music Monday


You are the music in me, by Troy and Gabriella, from the High School Musical 2.

It was on the Disney Channel this afternoon, and I realized that I didn’t see it before. Big deal right? Haha. Wala lang.  🙂 The kids here are fans of HSM, and we even took Esban to see HSM3 in the movies. He sang along with the cast on their first song (first scene)!

Anyway, I really like the melody of this song and felt bad that Troy and Gabriella didn’t get to perform it in the talent show. Affected? Haha! I’m just a fan of musicals kasi I love singing along too. And watching movies like this one remind me of a younger me. Hung up on theater no?

Before I tuned into the kiddie channel though, I checked out the Home Shopping Network. They showed the Big Boss Grill which was really interesting if only for the donut maker attachment, hehe 🙂 I seriously would buy one, only it costs 5k and I do not want to spend so much on something I probably won’t be using everyday. Then they showed the AirMax pillow. It might just be the answer to my problems: sleeping, headaches, backache and sore shoulders! I am super close to trying sleeping pills just to get to have quality sleep even just a few times each week, but maybe the right pillow can solve my problems instead. It costs somewehere around 2500 though. If I get one for myself, I might as well consider getting one for the boyfriend – will it cure him from snoring too? 🙂

Oh well, this is my fourth time joining Music Monday but the first time on this blog. If you’re up for a sound trip, follow the links:

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