World Taxi

I go to work after midnight, and I don’t drive. So for about four/five years, I have had to wait around for cabs to pass thru and because it’s late, there isn’t always one available right when you need it. Our house is located along inner streets and public transportation is a good 15-minute walk away, so even when I was on the day shift I would rather wait for a cab than walk under the sun. Okay I don’t always have to wait around, very rarely I am able to convince my dad to drive me to work. 🙂 So anyway, around September last year I started reporting to work around 1-2 in the morning. There aren’t that many cabs passing thru our area at that time but I would just stand there at the bridge and wait until one came along. I was fortunate enough to hail a cab with the franchise called World. The nice driver gave me their contact numbers and advised me to give them a call so I wouldn’t have to wait around late at night. Of course, I didn’t take his advice.

Then it was the boyfriend’s turn to get on another World taxi and he was told the same thing. That was the only time I actually decided to give them a try. True enough, every time I call, they would send a cab within 3 to 10 minutes. And I have yet to meet a driver who was rude or would take advantage. Their meters are calibrated too. I always pay 50 pesos. The boyfriend who works in Makati has had the chance to compare a World taxi meter with those from other cab companies and World was very consistent, and turned out cheaper.

One time, I didn’t have 50 pesos on me, just a 20 peso bill and a 500 bill. The driver (we call him Good Morning because he always greets me and wouldn’t stop until I greet him back, in a nice and not annoying way), was nice enough to accept my 20 pesos and say that I can just pay him back next time.

When we attended Tengkie’s wedding last month, we were able to hail a World Taxi from the Malate church. This was a cab we don’t remember being on before, and the cabbie wasn’t familiar with us, at least not until we were in our area an hour later. It was an interesting ride because he told us about the company and how good the owners were to their drivers. They have benefits that other cab companies don’t offer their drivers. No wonder the cabbies were nice and decent, they didn’t have to engage in shady business to earn an extra buck.

The only downside really is that their units aren’t new so from the outside they look shabby and you would think that they probably have bad air conditioning. That’s not true though. Sometimes it can even be cold inside, lol. They also don’t have a receipt printer on their meters like some other companies do. Good news though is that they will be upgrading their units this year with Toyota Altis ones.

So if you’re ever in need of cab services, give World Taxi a call at 4109708. Their garage is at Roces Ave, Quezon City, but they can be all over the Metro, just tell them where you are and they will tell you if they can pick you up or not.