Sunday after work, we headed to Greenhills for a movie date. Upon learning that the next showing of Clash of the Titans was about an hour away, we decided to grab some lunch first. When we’re there we normally eat at the usual places: Max’s, Burgoo, House of Mini. On Sunday though, Alfred wasn’t hungry because he had lunch at home before picking me up in the office (his mom prepared early lunch for him). He was okay anywhere I wanted to go as long as he can have something to cool down.

Delifrance was the choice.

Whenever I dine at Delifrance, I eat something different. They don’t have a huge menu selection, but there are so many dishes that I enjoyed in the past and a lot I would still like to try. I featured Delifrance once before, a year earlier in fact, when I had my Spirometry test. Choosing a dish wasn’t easier this time around. I went with a set lunch, Tray Couture I think they called it. I forgot the name of the set I chose, but it had shrimp linguine and french dip roast beef sandwich. It also came with chocolate for dessert, bread sticks and a shot of some soup. It came with a free drink too, and I chose Iced Tea.

The boyfriend just ordered a tall glass of Strawberry frappe, it was very refreshing.

We were thinking of ordering more nga eh, but decided against it. These drinks aren’t exactly what you’d call cheap.

I was super hungry already but I still managed to snap a few shots of my tray before eating everything on it:

We actually thought that the bread sticks had a sweet dip, that was until I tried it. It was soup in a shot glass! I think it was a simple mushroom soup, but it was tasty and I liked it.


I dipped the bread sticks in the soup, but when I finished up all the sticks, I drank all the soup that was left. I was trying to go for it in one shot, but it proved too much for me. Hehe. I finished it off in two swigs.

Of course, I didn’t just concentrate on my food the entire time. The boyfriend and I did talk about stuff. Like his get-together dinner with grade school classmates the night before. I didn’t actually know he was going anywhere until after the fact, but that’s okay. He mentioned feeling like he didn’t really know them anymore. They were strangers. That got me thinking about reunions and seeing old acquaintances. I’m not big on those things either. I guess there are just a few people who I know things would be like time was not a factor. I’d rather meet with them in small groups and not in big get-togethers. I know of some people who keep tabs on their old batchmates. Networking. It comes in handy too for others, who use their contacts to find a job, or to get referrals for projects and such. That’s not such a bad thing too.

Next up, the main course.

I loved the shrimp and tomato linguine! Okay, I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it’s called, but that’s what I remember 🙂

I think though that this is just half a serving, so it wasn’t that filling. I figured I had to eat the sandwich too before I’d get full. I saved it for last because I love roast beef sandwiches and I had high expectations for this one.

Sadly, my expectations were not met. It was a little too bland for me, even with the dip. 🙁 Of course that didn’t stop me from finish it all off. Last on the plate was dessert, a small piece of chocolate. Nothing special about it, but it was a nice touch to complete the meal.

Finally, I got chocolate madelines to go. Something sweet to munch on in the cinema.

What’s your favorite meal from Delifrance? 🙂

Oh, but you know what? This wasn’t the last meal for the day. I’d reserve another blog post for where we had dinner after the movie and some shopping. 😉