Between the Covers

… of a book, that is.

I’ve launched a new blog with that title. I figured, since I spend so much money on books, I might as well dedicate an entirely new blog for them. Checkout the banner I used, courtesy of Zoe Pearn’s Blog in a Box:

For a change, I used Blogger for this new blog and I’m actually liking it. I finally have a blog design that has a scrapbook feel, much like how my old blog was. There are already quite a number of posts on there, and you may be familiar with some of them. Naturally, I simply migrated posts here tagged with My Bookcase. I did add a note at the bottom of each post that they were being reposted – I wouldn’t want to be in trouble with Internet cops for duplicate content, lol. 🙂

What’s next kaya? I mean what other blogs will I give birth to? Haha. Maybe one for causes and charities, or maybe we can improve the blog of Baby Jon Angelo! Why not?! 🙂

Anyhoo, please go checkout In Between the Covers!