Ganda Ever So Much!

I had a pleasant discovery today, a new blog to follow and *stalk.* Thanks to sis Lucky Zoan, I found myself getting acquainted with another blogger – the person behind what seems to be a hip-happening blog – Ganda Ever So Much! Pangalan pa lang, winner na 🙂 I’d have to admit, if the blog name wasn’t so interesting, and if the logo wasn’t what it was, I probably would have passed off on it and moved on to another blog. But no, who wouldn’t do a double-take on this one:

They say first impressions last, and Ganda Ever So Much definitely knows how to impress 🙂 The blog layout is striking and I would share a screenshot of its header but I am currently using a small laptop that makes doing that quite challenging. (I’ll try to update this post with that when I have control of my PC again :D).

With a frog as its mascot, the first thing that came to mind was that this blogger must be a hoot for company! I mean, the person must be down-to-earth fun. Since this is my first visit, I checked out his About Me page and then I was even more convinced to come back and read up on his posts. He’s in General Santos, a city I have passed through maybe once or twice during trips to Mindanao for work. I’m interested to know if he blogs about events and happenings from there.

Anyway… Ganda Ever So Much is hosting several giveaways in the weeks leading up to his Blogoversary. This post is an entry for its third week. Do click on the frog to jump over there, as you can see on the screen capture, he has already revealed what prizes are in store for the week 3 contest. Even if you’re not interested in the giveaway, you’re bound to find something in his writing that will get you hooked! 🙂