My PC’s been cured!

As I mentioned a few posts down, my PC wasn’t detecting any network, and was decommissioned for a few days. Now, it has been fixed. The boyfriend brought it in to the shop to make sure it wasn’t the mobo. They tried a different LAN card and it worked. We had already replaced it with a spare one, but that apparently, also wasn’t working.

But all that’s in the past now. My baby is back. So yes dear friends, I will be loading it up with the (recent) wedding photos, edit away and upload, before the couple comes back from honeymoon. 🙂

I’m also due for a recap of the whole Sexy Chef/South Beach Diet experience. I’ll need sometime to think things over. Haha. But don’t you worry, I will give a review and an update on the whole experience. On hindsight, I just wish I did myself a favor and did a consistent workout while I was receiving my SBD rations. Anyhoo, I’m still on the planning stage for how I’ll continue with Phase two or restart on Phase One, and incorporate ab workouts, and all other workouts I can manage.

I just really logged on to spread news that my PC’s been cured.

I still have allergies though. And my eyes look awful. 🙁