Let’s go to the gym!

The weekend’s over and yet I still don’t have a plan. 🙁

I have no meal plan and no exercise plan lined up yet. I’ll have to wing it for a few more days until I can hunker down and concentrate on making these two plans. For breakfast this morning, I had whole wheat bread with frankfurters. No juice. Lunch was a few spoonfuls of rice with ginataang sitaw and squash, and a few bites of pork binagoongan. There was coke though, regular. 🙁

I’m not completely sad though. On Sunday, we visited Esban’s new house inside the SATS compound. The place has been renovated since I last visited the previous occupant. Little E was very welcoming, and he used Pinky (oh I haven’t introduced her yet, she’s my new lomo friend) to take a few shots of their house. He took us on a quick tour too. I love their place because you’re surrounded by trees, there’s no pollution, and it was not dusty and there’s no smell of the stinky creek anywhere! Going to SATS meant that Alfred and I got to do some walking! OMG! we broke a sweat so fast and we were feeling worked up after just a few minutes. Man, do we really need exercise or what? Haha. Then, very near E’s house, we passed by Mr. Suave’s gym. He has very affordable rates and we’re going to give it a shot soon. There are personal trainers too!

Tomorrow, I’ll drag the boyfriend there again so we can formally inquire about their services, hours of operation etcetera. They were closed that Sunday afternoon and we just read their rates posted on the door. Maybe we could get a trainer once a week for a few weeks just to have someone show us the ropes and recommend a workout plan. They have per session rates for gym use, as well as a monthly membership. I really hope to convince the boyfriend to give this a go, I don’t want to go alone. Gym + a sound SBD meal plan with foods that burn fat + plus weekly photo walks (just like our LaMesa photowalk) should translate to better health and weight loss for both of us. 🙂

In case this plan doesn’t materialize though, I can concentrate on walking for fitness. I just really have to start na!