Is it too early for a Christmas Tree?

This is a preview of a beautiful wallpaper from Digital Blasphemy (click photo to get to his site)

Have you setup your Christmas tree? Will you have one this year? We’re probably. We haven’t put up a Christmas tree in years! I guess it’s mainly because kids don’t come up here too often anymore. But we used to get it out on the second week of December. My cousins still setup their big tree downstairs, so that’s where the gifts go every year 🙂

I know at least one family who has their tree up already, not sure if they’ve had it up since September even 🙂 Putting up the tree was always fun, as well as buying new trimmings each year. I wonder if we still have some of the old ones? I especially like small gift bags filled with toys! Hmm.

There was one time that we didn’t use any of the usual green artificial christmas trees that families here normally have.   I remember a year when we decorated one of our plans that grew a little taller than me, and didn’t have leaves. It really didn’t have leaves, it was just all stems and all green too. I’ll find a photo somewhere and share it someday. I think that was the year I got a pink bike. 🙂