Truffles assembly line

Business is really doing well. My best-selling truffles are being ordered both at my office, and at Alfred’s. I can hardly keep up with them, even with Alfred assisting me with making them. So last night, we were talking about getting someone to help us. Maybe my cousin or her daughter can help and we’d set up a truffles assembly line, lol. But what takes a lot of time to do is coating each ball in chocolate and Alfred doesn’t want to outsource that. He doesn’t even want to do it himself, haha.

But here we are thinking of ways to make the work more efficient. On TV there was a feature on how the Sofitel pastry kitchen does their special truffles. Looks like they have molds and stuff for those. We’ll try to setup a cooling rack (once I get one) over a pan, place the oreo balls on them, then pour the chocolate. Then figure out how to coat the bottom. The choco that goes to the pan can be melted again so it won’t be wasteful. Sounds like a plan.

It feels really good when you’ve got people complimenting your product. And I appreciate each one of them, specially my frequent buyers. There’s one who said that these balls are so sinful, and acne-inducing. Haha! My advice to avoid having to take acne pills and still enjoy this chocolatey goodness? Share it. Don’t eat all 15 pcs all by yourself. Or take two each day and save the rest for later. Or you can always flush it with water. Or you can give up other oily foods and sweets on the week that you’re eating my oreo truffles. 🙂

One of the first pictures of my early truffles days in 2008.